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Nexus: Quick View needs pricing calculation


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The Quick View feature for products with options makes ordering many products from one category at once pretty easy. Thanks for that!

But unfortunately it only works well it the options don’t have individual prices. If they do, the customers are supposed to make selections and put them in the cart without having any idea what it costs. So please add the pricing calculation that happen on the product page also to the quick view popup. 

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Some more feedback on custom product fields in Nexus:

1. The required option only shows when you turn the “Display when purchasing” on while being on the settings page. If that option is already active and you open the settings, the “required” option is simply missing, which makes no sense and confuses users. 

2. A custom field cannot be created without adding it to at least one product, which also doesn’t make sense. 

3. The required option changes the behavior of the drop-down select fields. If the field is not required an empty option will be added. But if the field is required the first option will be preselected, which is fine, but it also shows a red warning “REQUIRED”. But since the functionality of that field already forces a selection anyway, that red warning is confusing and makes no sense. 


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Oh and if I turn off the required option again I cannot order the product at all anymore without options selected – which defeats the purpose of not selecting “required”. 



Please check the Stock & Price adjustments tab for this product in the ACP and ensure appropriate fields are selected.

Error code: 3X240/2



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