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Bug? Registrations entered in system as Incomplete


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This is present in 3.4.x but IPS support says it's "by design" so I'm going to presume it's present in 4.1 as well. EDIT Here's a topic reporting it in 4.1

When a user registers with an error in the Display Name field, such as entering a name that's already in use, the system will present a message that the name is in use yet somehow still save the registration as Incomplete.

As near as I can tell, saving a registration as Incomplete when it has an invalid Display Name field does no good for anyone. The user doesn't realize the registration is useless and can't log in, generating complaints that are work for the admin. If the admin should look in ACP > Members > Incomplete, the only way to resolve these registrations is by initiating an e-mail correspondence -- also unnecessary work.

I suggest when there is an invalid entry in the Display Name field (or any field), the system NOT save the registration at all. Saving it as incomplete is not helpful to anyone. There should be no category of registrations as "Incomplete" to create more work for admins. This was suggested in 2012 (as well as other times):

Instead, an error message should be inserted requesting the user to complete all fields and not permit saving of the registration until this happens.

I see this issue with "Incomplete" registrations has been reported as a bug for many years. If it's "by design," what is the benefit intended by the design?

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That does not happen in IPS4 for direct community registrations. It would happen if you were using an external login source such Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. It needs to happen so the first time a member logs in, it prompts them for a display name. 


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If you don't want incomplete registrations, then don't use 3rd party login handlers. only use the Internal Method. 


In my situation, I enjoy the way it's setup to have lines created for users (whether or not the account was finished or not), as I use the accounts as is for the game connected to it; for banning and ranks in game.

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3 hours ago, crabpaws said:

I don't use any 3rd-party login handlers.

Lindy, are you saying the user with an incomplete registration can log in? How is that possible, do they get a validation e-mail?

If/when they sign in, they are asked to finish registration. Then validation finishes. But incomplete regs only happen with 3rd party handlers.

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