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  1. I sent it via PM to you ... Thanks
  2. I have sent you a PM and made a ticket on your site on an issue that I am having please address it.
  3. Just want to know if it is officially supported?
  4. Dear All, It would be good to think about this for IPS future for the DB back end. https://seravo.fi/2015/10-reasons-to-migrate-to-mariadb-if-still-using-mysql
  5. Would this be a bug if we were on MariaDB?
  6. Dear IPS / Developers, It would be nice if you had built into the plugin / application requirements that there would be Notes/FAQ about the plugin/application so end users can reference directly from there site more details without having to look at the installer go else where for more information.
  7. When a error message comes up it can tell you the reason what that message instead of a alpha numeric number.
  8. DawPi, Is quick to work on his stuff and makes great scripts. If you need a developer that cares and wants his product to be effective and efficient then he is the guy you want. A++ developer.
  9. I will ask the team member who requested this..
  10. It would be nice to Group permission Chat Rooms.
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