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uploading several files into a single Downloads entry


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I seem to remember that in IPB 3.x it was much easier to add multiple files in a single IP.Downloads entry (e.g., three different sections or volumes of a single project or text).

Someone please tell me if I'm missing something here, but in IPB 4.x, the only way I've seen to do it is as follows:

  1. Upload a single file to a category in IP.Downloads
  2. Edit that file by clicking the File Actions button > Upload a new version
  3. Add the other files under the Upload your files heading and click Save

This, to me, is not the same as "versioning," which tracks different changes made to a single file.  Ideally, I guess one could enable versioning for each file in a Downloads entry (which would be more complicated), but could this process be made clearer perhaps in a future version?  Perhaps outlined in the Guides here?  I thought this function was lost for the longest time in IPB 4, which made the nerd inside me cry a bit into his pillow :cry:


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Ok, I understand now.  Looking at the interface, it wasn't apparent to me me that creating a single entry (i.e. not selecting "upload multiple files") would still let you upload several files into it.  I thought the Select Files button was just the generic button interface that was used everywhere but didn't actually let you upload more than one file.  Perhaps this would be something worth mentioning in the Guides, unless it's just my addled brain :unsure:.  Thanks for sorting me out on this though!



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