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Error when installing plugin

Terence Mclean

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This might sound a silly question (sorry) but you are trying to upload the .xml in the 'Plugins' section of the Admin Control Panel and not into another section of the ACP or into a post ? :)

Very simple process for basic plugins, please see pics:

1. Click System on the left side on the Admin Control Panel

2. Click Plugins in the list

3. Click 'Install New Plugin' on the right hand side of the plugin list page

4. Browse for and select the .xml file of the plugin you wanted to install

5. Click 'Install'



The only other immediate cause can think of is the xml you are trying to use is not a plugin its something else such as an xml for a previous version (for example a 2x or 3x 'BBCode') or suchlike.

Did you obtain the plugin from the Marketplace ? Please post the link here to it if it persists and I'll take a look. :)

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