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  1. Is there a way I can add this plugin to my site anyway?
  2. That's what I did and it came up with the error, and yes I got it from the marketplace:
  3. I'm trying to upload plugins but every time it says "You do not have permission" and comes up with the error "The file uploaded is invalid" but I've tried different plugins and they're all XML, I don't understand.
  4. Anyone know if this is available in the Admin CP?
  5. Well the ones i had before loaded after half an hour and then stopped again so I deleted them and have re-installed them, but they're still not loading.
  6. Instead it's just a blank space and it makes the website look weird, and no I don't have an ad blocker.
  7. It's not allowing my members post status updates, despite all the settings being on for them to do so with no moderator approval needed.
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