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Upgrade 3.x -> 4.x with 'Umlaut' problems (ö, ä, ü. etc.)

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Hey guys,

I installed a demo board to test and upgrade from 3.x to 4.x of the suites version.

Although I've always used utf8 encoding the script told me that not every table was set correct, so it needed to be fixed. It was changed from utf8_general_ci to utf8_unicode_ci.

My problem now is: before the upgrade the german 'Umlaute' worked perfectly (ö, ä, ü, ß). After the upgrade I'm getting cryptical symbols. Editing those lines and setting e.g. ö again fixes this. It is then displayed as ö.


Now my question is: Is this intended or is there any quick solution how to change those bugs throughout the suite? I've seen a script from adminarea.de but before I am going to register and try this script, I wanted to know if this is normal or if there is any other solution?


Thanks in advance


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I had the same problem when I first converted from 3.4.8 to 4.0.0. My database was damaged although pages show up correctly in 3.4.8 (ü, õ, ö, ä). In 4.0.0 they were like Ãµ for õ, Ã¼ for ü, Ã¤ for ä and so on. After I ran multiple (beta) conversions I eventually got everything working. Somewhere should be my bug reports as well.

Did ju ran IPS UTF8 Database Converter? 


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2 minutes ago, TheSonic said:

We had users with such problems, especially with older databases converted from other scripts.

So, if you are sure your databasesttings are setup fine, you may try running this script:


I wouldn’t recommend using that. That problem is caused by a general character encoding mismatch. Running a script that fixes a few selected characters will very likely not catch all affected characters. The whole character set needs to be converted instead. 

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