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Old PM's Popping Up After Upgrading to 4?


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2 hours ago, Marc S said:

Actually, I have been attempting to replicate this with someone else and having little success in replicating it unfortunately. If there are any specific steps where you can replicate this every time, please let us know as this would be extremely helpful. 

Near as I can tell, it's consistently happening for me on this site. I have it configured to send me an email for new messages, so while I read every one, I rarely have the time to reply to the deluge in whole I see nearly every week(I have to pick and choose...), much less re-read it on site. It seems to occur whenever i receive a new pm, and have read it on site. Immediately after I do, the next most recent message unread on-site will pop up, no matter how old that may be.

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