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Table Tools CKEditor Plugin Working?


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2 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

What do you mean by not working?

Which dialog box do you mean? The first one, which allows you to create the initial table (which is provided by the 'table' plugin, and doesn't have a 'cell type' field) or the one that comes up when you would right click on an existing table and get the context menu and then choose optons?

Right clicking in the cell to bring up the context menu did work, thank you, but I had to change the browser from K-Melon to another one as the right clicking in that browser doesn't bring up the option menu.

It was my misunderstanding, that I would get the additional table properties just by clicking on the table button.

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Just now, Nathan Explosion said:

Ctrl + right click is your friend - I believe IPS have disabled the usual right click (good idea...imagine the s***storm on here :D ) but it can then be invoked with Ctrl + right click.


When I mentioned the right click I should have said Ctrl + right click. That key combination doesn't bring up the editor option menu in the K-Melon browser but it does in Firefox.

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@Nathan Explosion


I'm looking to add a table function to my CKEditor.   Ideally, I'd also like to add tiny images, such as a specific group of emoticons in specific cells instead of words.  Is this possible with Table Tools?  Also is it necessary to download both "Tables" and "Table Tools"  ?

Will a Table option be available in IPS4 sometime soon?


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