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Editor does not always show (also here on IPS) IPB


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So my members keep reporting that with different browsers when they attempt to start a new topic, the editor does not load. I've included a screenshot.


The funny thing is, I came here last night to report this and the same thing happened to me in both Chrome v48 and Edge (Windows 10) and for no reason at all.. it is fine now.

I am not ad blocking, don't have any weird extensions blocking stuff here, and Edge doesn't even have extensions anyway. I hope someone else has been able to debug it so I can help our members :)

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On 12/29/2015 at 8:46 AM, Tihomir J. said:

Try to ask your users to clear their browser cache. If this doesn`t work, try to clear the site cache via support tool in admin panel. It`s helped us.

I've seen this on occasion, I don't see an option to clear site cache in the admin panel. Just system check and support question. Am I missing something?

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