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(TB) Show IP to Admins Only


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3 hours ago, EmpireKickAss said:

I rather get this https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7537-clickable-ip-in-online-users-list/ :unsure: Wants the difference? 

$10! Really? Rather spend $5 or less

What are you talking about? :hmm:

The file is free, I'm not even sure why you're talking about money. Anyway as the file description says the plugin hides the IP addresses in posts for all who can see them except for admins. In some countries there are (stupid imo) laws that force only a site administrator to be able to view such information.

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I recently asked @Mike John to upgrade a mod I had created for my 3.4 site, it basically does this (yet includes the who's online).

It's good to see teraßyte back on IPS, releasing his mods. I actually think it's impressive to see such a wide range of mods being released for FREE, which I would be happy to pay for in fact (I almost did).

It would be nice if in the a future update may include hiding the IP from all areas, including the tools provided in 4.0/4.1 for those in usergroups that are team members below Admins. I personally believe this info should only serve top level admins, I do not see why being a team member with GM privileges would grant them permission to view the info. Yet this is a suggestion/request. I'm happy with the plugin and it works well.

Many thanks for releasing it.

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 Sorry guys, I've been absent for quite a while but I'll be around again from now on. This modification still works with newer versions, but with the changes IPS made to the marketplace it's not possible to download it anymore.

I've gone ahead and submitted a new version so that it's properly listed as compatible for 4.4-4.6. Just waiting for IPS to approve the change. 😺



Here's a preview of the changelog:



  • Added 4.6 compatibility
  • The IP is now removed instead of showing "Private" to make the new popup with search link completely disappear


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Hi, @teraßyte! I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

First, I want to thank you for making this plugin. I appreciate the hard work IPS developers do, especially when they release their work for free.

Second, I want to report a bug with the plugin. Whenever I enable the plugin, I get a generic 500 ISE message. Sometimes the ISE shows the IPS 500 ISE message, and sometimes it shows the browser's one. My site works if I disable the plugin. I checked the logs, and I didn't see anything.

Again, thank you for the free plugin(s)! Have an excellent rest of the day! 🙂

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That's the issue most likely then. The environment I use doesn't have a PHP 8 package available yet so I need to setup a different one from scratch for it.

For now it's probably faster if I just investigate the error on your server. Can you please send me a temporary FTP account as well in the PM?

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2 minutes ago, teraßyte said:

@Subdreamer Actually hold on about that PM. I just had a quick talk with @Adriano Faria and he gave me a clue of what the issue possibly is. I'll send you a PM myself with an updated version of the plugin for you to test. I'll send it either tomorrow or in the weekend. 👍

Sounds good! You and @Adriano Faria are awesome!

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