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Question about GTmetrix Page speed


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fk cookie-free domain how can i change it back? xD

i set the theme resource back to default and i deleted the settings i created for cookie free domain shT but still my themes doesnt function correctly 

is there something we can do or am i fked up?

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Try going into your IPB control panel -> System -> Support and selecting "something isn't working correctly" and run it... but restart Apache first.

When I was playing with a cookieless domain (and that's how I figured out I had to also have the cookieless domain under SSL also) I had to do that to get it to display correctly.

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1 hour ago, Adlago said:

You've probably made a mistake and the other setting.
If you want - send my personal admin and FTP account to I see what you've done wrong.

i did exactly as u said man maybe if you check what have wrote mistake or something because its only a few steps not even difficult  

i also noticed this note at storage settings now


If you change an existing storage method, files will be gradually moved in the background. This can be time consuming and you may experience broken links/images until the process has completed.

and you said that it remains in its place :/ 

i would completely fked up my website if i changed all the resource xD

anyways the theme resource i changed which u explained here  https://ipscommunity-invisionpowerser1.netdna-ssl.com/monthly_2015_10/st_set_final.png.37acb8903c23ecfbd34ca2f921989fab.png

  was the css files javascript files and images and they are all gone. thank god i did back up my upload folder and im creating a ticket 

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4 minutes ago, Adlago said:

that xxxxxxx is a database user - was mine and I replaced it with xxxxxxxx in the example instruction.
So there is a warning -Do not change ...

If you have saved xxxxxxxxxx will happen what...

i know u typed that to hide your user lol and no of course i did not change it

1 minute ago, Adlago said:

Back to select the first setting and everything will work

i did i already selected the first one and saved then later i deleted the configuration i created i also deleted the subdomain 

but now images are gone like backgrounds and im not sure what else and my forum is like a walking turtle  i need to wait 10 seconds for any thing i click :wacko:

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