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Any news about chat?


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Hi there,

in November I want to update my 3.x site to 4.1 – I hope that this time you really publish the final version at the and of October. 

When I told my users for the first time from the update, were the first questions: Will the chat be better at lenght?

I believe that they're right ;) The last update of chat was some years ago I feel. Are changes planned for the next few months? Otherwise I would still looking for a third-party chat, and this would be a shame.

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54 minutes ago, Lindy said:

If I had to estimate I would say Q2 2016. That's just a guesstimate. 

Can we PRETTY PLEASE tweak the chat css so that the chat window (when separate window)  are properly responsive and full height of the browser window. I've only been asking for this for over 2 years.



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