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  1. hello i get some disconnection from the chat every x minute, i have tested it from different method of connection, and some user saying same thing, is there is stability issues ?
  2. ok so for php 7 it will be around the corner now or very now (make a try on my side) For https i have made a try on ipb 3.x and we get issue with Chat module and some other "little" things and the site was not very stable on this. So will make a try on it
  3. is there is a go (or no go) to use PHP7 and to switch to HTTPS ?
  4. in the previous version in 3.x there is an option to promote post and blog entry to content in ip.content. in 4.x this option has disappear (hughe loss), is there is a way or a module to do this in ip.page 4.x ?
  5. back in past in 3.x we get the ability to add "type of media support" by uploading thing there : Look & Feel tab -> Post Content -> Manage Media Tag in my case i use short flv video and i notice they aren't supported in 4.1 and like i migrated from 3.x and have using the module from @Marcher Technologies i think we perhaps need one in 4.x but but were to add him like this "manage media tag" not existing and were i can see what is supported or not ?
  6. on the "Use recommended settings?" i'm on "manual" settings but when we take a look at the xml generated by the sitemap.php we can see clearly that the option as little as no effect and yes we have open support incident on this and other bug on the sitemap, url issue etc etc...
  7. recifbox


    DawPi is a great guy to do the job. So you can get works with him he works well and fast
  8. DawPi is a great guy to do the job. So you can get works with him he works well and fast
  9. chat is something really important to communicate for most forums users, but in time user have migrated also on Facebook (they get a messenger it's like a chat) to use fan page or group, this is something that will take away user, so w need to offer better services to our users, and chat could be something that help, IPS have stated in past that will be the next big thing to work on, so when, how could we help ? ps: i'll also seen on "free concurrent solution" there is more advanced chat options that permit to speak even browsing forum with no popup etc etc... seriously IPS work on this !
  10. done in 5 minute for upload and upgrades (thanks for this end of year release).
  11. +1 because we come from previous version of IPB ( 2. 3 then.x) and finally 4 perhaps it could be useful to get something to permit to clean properly our server
  12. i hope this will be release by IPB or independent Dev because i think i'm not the only one that need those kinds of services
  13. i have some scenario for those kind of shop applied to a community we can speak
  14. i'm not a coder but i think it's not that hard to add, Invision put a tool on our hand and let us put the legal stuff by our side on this tools : for example admin side it's one check box to add (enable/disable cookie law) with a empty text area to put text and url to a complete page or something else we need to complete .user side it's only a few code to add with a yes or no (that validate in database if user have accepted it). like this we can do what we want on it and you have just simply resolved it for lot of us European and like we are gentleman we can also speak to add s
  15. and for physical products it could works ?
  16. 2016 for real ? (begin / middle or end of 2016 ?)
  17. it seem's that support plan have changed. basic advanced = for 100+100$ and the others package have vanished ? is there is new plan or evolutions ?
  18. it was in the plan when there is a road map, but no news from that point :D
    Good application replace perfectly well the contact form of the 3.x version, one thing is missing the captcha option ?
  19. if you have time for an update of contact form for 4.0 i'm in
    was great in 3.4.X but this version 4.X is wonderfull thanks for this hard work!!! buy it great apps and great support from the author.
  20. some news for translating text and button on an export templates ?
  21. i think my little text will be read as total negative, but this is just what i get in my mind... i try to stay "positive" but this is very hard at this point of the time to be clear, when i have started my journey with my site i have made a choice of products to put online my works, 3 years ... there is some bug or glitch but with time and help including ips tech helps i have been able to put online contents and forget that behind there is a "complexe software i have learn to use over time". when i hear that 4.0 will be around the corner i was very anxious about the amount of works needed
  22. ps: "and for now the convert to UTF8mb4 of my test site (copy from my live) and the migrating of the 3.4.8 to 4.0.8 in the test environment lead to for utf8mb4 => driver error and for the migration => lot of error code and process not finished... this is puzzling" again i don't want this to be seen as free rent, but with long year of using and paying services i'm really surprise that i can't do nothing well from my own side...
  23. simple : documentation for the page module like the ip.content that permit to understand well (i'm not coder but i do a lot of works i let you judge it here : www.recifalnews.fr ) to get correct informations to handle things to begin the "re-born" and the perhaps futur of my site in 4.0
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