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Video Embed not working

Khalat Jalal

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I have a problem with the editors embed tool, when I paste a video link inside the editor, it won't be converted to embed video after hitting enter, and show p as a link, I've tried both youtube and vimeo links, please guide me how to fix that ..

I'm using IPS4 latest release (4.0.13) with an RTL Language ...


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Yea, we had several tickets from hostgator clients in the last weeks with this issue.

Hostgator is using mod_security, which is blocking the requests, so instead of returning the embedded youtube code, the server returns a 403 forbidden response.

So if you're having this issue, please ask your host if they're using mod_security and if yes, if they could deactivate the rule which is blocking the index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=editor&do=validateLink&url=xxxxx  requests

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