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  1. I am not sure where to edit conf_global.php file. any help. Thanks team
  2. I am not sure where to find conf_global.php file when forum is hosted on IPS system. any help. Thanks team
  3. Can you guys or gals help me find where to delete a group and them have all new members be put in another? Thanks alot 🙂
  4. Oh I'm with you, because I have the same issue, I think it may be a browser issue, just havent had time to investigate
  5. Hi guys and Gals, having trouble figuring this out. 1) want a homepage for guests when not logged in, I have kinda got that working 2) I can't figure out how to set the second page for logged in members. currently, they see you don't any help thanks https://forum.realitycaptureexperts.com
  6. If I wanted to show an image and text on this page without being logged in (our whole forum is private) How would I do that. as all pages are hidden from public. https://forum.realitycaptureexperts.com/ Thanks for any pointers
  7. My Menu bar and buttons are same color, I want to change tabs and sub menu to white, but i dont see how, any suggestions would be great, thanks team
  8. I would like to set no-follow on our subscription page. (I know I know. ) https://forum.realitycaptureexperts.com/subscriptions/ How can I do this? Thanks
  9. how do I turn off the system asking new members for their CC during when they sign up for my free Subscription? I know there is a way?
  10. I have the registration page forwarded to the subscriptions page now I am looking for a way to do a Q&A before guests can use the Subscription page at all. or a way to password protect the subscription page. reasons are forum is invited only, not for the public.
  11. Hi, you mention having Q&A enabled for registration. I am not sure how to do this. can you share an explainer?
  12. I would like to see My Forums Categories in an open state so you can see forums within. So it looks just like the image. all my categories start closed.
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