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  1. @Matt do you really believe this change will prevent people from getting tagged or reported as spammers? people will be people when one want to hurt another business it will still be the same right click to report you as a spammer! if no percussion were taken in advance the same loop will be triggered regardless ?
  2. @opentype no one asked you and no one cares what you think! when you bear any responsibility for my business maybe i ll ask your opinion, meanwhile you dont! and this is a private support area in which you are trolling over our complaint just so your post count goes up even if it has no merit to the topic! if i need advice about my personality ill see a shrink; im here to speak to the business owners not you!
  3. @opentype unless you got something positive to contribute... kindly STFU and go troll another thread! while your at it stick your nose in your own business!
  4. Matt i respectfully disagree, who's emails weren't being delivered? and why? we had no issues with our provider all this time! once the transmission is relayed over to third party there is enough mechanism in smtp to assure delivery and is not IPS responsibility! this is the wrong solution just for the simple reason I've listed before your post, just give spammers time to learn of this new ridicules practice! stomping my feet and shouting is because I've wasted hundreds of dollars the past few days, we lost thousands of dollars in business over this; and i'm about to spend even more to fix this! all the while we trusted IPS and supported your business and efforts; this is hurting my business! why? all the while support knows they cannot help me but letting me figure it own my own, our shop send thousands of emails which are crippled now, my host wont jeopardize his customers and i very well understand why, so i ask you where does this leave me and my company who's been supporting and trusting IPS all this time? maybe this slipped one mined but most your customers are likely busy managing their community forums you sold them and possibly their own business? maybe expecting them to spend time on this forum isn't the best way to get feedback from these people who are the ones paying IPS bills! you could have at the least email us an urgent advisory; add the new functionality and leave us with the option to choose, instead of forcing a one fits all solution that doesn't fit all and disrupting our businesses! if you really want to hear us; just listen! if we are shouting and you still don't; what does that say? shutting the door in your customers face as you just did is biting your nose to spite the face! Chris
  5. by design smtp protocol doesn't require authentication when sending mail off the host; you cannot authenticate an unknown mail server to another unknown mail server! you can authenticate as a client but not as another mail server trying to deliver mail to another hence no authentication required! its also by design and no accident that port 25 is open and doesn't restrict who can connect to it! as such anyone can terminal into any mail server and send mail right off it with no restrictions or interference, if you also allow unrestricted smtp traffic out; you're mail server will become a hornets nest for spammers in -5 minutes your server will get black listed! there a good reason providers restrict smtp protocol and port used by it! smtp do too its natural vulnerability by design is used in a server to server communications with ip restrictions in any secured environment, you cannot seriously expect providers to simply allow this out of the blue because IPS decided to promote some new mail relay provider no one heard of! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_Mail_Transfer_Protocol mine too? he is 100% correct being upset over this, and so am i!
  6. Dll when things work for you with this new service and 4 years down the road someone decides to just like that pull that support off for your convenience! without letting you know or considering the consequences this will cause; just to promote ones other service! do us all a favor and go troll someone else thread! my solution is simple... i have no more time to spend over what i have already the past few days! you want to promote someone's business do it on your own dime and time! i will pay a third party to fix this ridiculesness IPS decided to pull, i will be sending IPS the bill for reverting this back! if IPS respects our time and investment in them all these years they will pay this bill; we will not be renewing our contracts before this bill is paid! can you guys tell how furious i am; you guys in support should know very well!!! i bet most of the customers aren't even aware yet! you've gone too far with this! Revert this back!
  7. @Lindy Hi everyone stop it now! im talking about the Bong from responded pages! there has to be a better way about this, here's a scenario prob most encounter often, you have ten windows open; each has 10 different tabs and than... you hear the bong! or two or three and sometimes four in short successions!!! i fond myself pupping up every page going through each tab looking where it came from by the time one flips through the tabs the 5 second message is gone from the page and that makes it even harder to trace where that bong came from! isn't there a better way about this? maybe color coding tabs? ATB Chris
  8. Thank you Lindy ❤️ see... this why you're simply the best! (i cant even fathom working with someone else; now stop suggesting pls it wont happen ? ) i am very very happy to learn these issues are on IPS road map, i know with my background i'm a bit of an odd bird when it comes to systems and architecture; it was bit like teething in our early days when we presented our architectural goals, very happy to see more customers (IPS included) run customized split implementation these days as i was under the impression most of this is still considered out of the box; for most parts i try to smooth things out with our IPS developer who we trust! i should probably be more efficient and much less stressing for me if i reported these issues as they arise, the reality is with all good i intentions and i do mean that; it slips away during the day until you run into it again the next time, and again its like a broken record i want to report it but somehow it slips away until things pile up to the point where a collection of many little things happens too often and we get something like this post in my defense i have reported at least one or two minor issues recently, ATB Chris
  9. i dont really care how its implemented behind the scenes nor the end customer; it doesn't currently even exists in IPS core! since its based on a more simplistic (80's solution ? ) this cannot be simply implemented, the logic is simply not there to be used and need to be worked in to accommodate, when you start tinkering with that it becomes cumbersome as its integrated with other core features IPS is based on (constant catch 22's), ATB Chris
  10. imo what needs changing in this step is not pending initial registration to credit process approval; rather to email validation with shop account initiated! customer shouldn't be able to sign up if they cannot post a valid credit card; but the account should be initiated when one does present a valid one! yet completing a purchases shouldn't be the condition for completing initial signup in shop; when a CC can be verified account should be created regardless of order completion, ATB Chris
  11. it is in general what we want! and this is how we have it setup and working! it is though a double edged sword; on the one hand we dont want people to willy nilly sign up to shop as if it was our forums, on the other we do want them to be able to register when they are ready to place their order; the logical way IPS handles this bit is tricky, as many try to checkout this way but fail many time completing this initial signup process as its conditioned by credit approval first, un checking that option will allow robots and unwanted guests on our dedicated shop server which is not desirable for a secured environment like shop, on the one hand there should some element like the one in place; its currently too strict and unforgiving, if a customer makes a mistake during that process he losses the info plugged in and cannot authenticate himself again to the same cart, there's all kind of issues that come up when something isn't exactly by the book; and it happens more than often that customers miss something, or just take their time browsing eventually their cart will be lost as they are still guests until the whole processes complete and approved, ATB Chris
  12. we do have this option set to $0.00
  13. Thank you Jackal, we have contemplated this option as a workaround, but i was overruled since there some other element that will be effected if we do so, (i can dig my emails to find that particular correspondence and the reasoning it was not advised to peruse that route) in practicality we lose customers who are unable to sign up, putting out $0 package is "workaround" but not the solution as many wouldn't know what to do unless they were directly instructed to do so, ATB Chris
  14. really you want to turn that rock? which guide and when was it published exactly? what if i told you there wasn't one available to consult when we first started! which you should be well aware considering the rep you've collected thus far, you can challenge what im saying (not that you really need too!) go ahead waste your time too? between the lines there you have just insulted two professionals; by all means continue.. show me how you disable forums module and able to sign up to eCommerce; go ahead words are cheap; you've been challenged! we have one of the few certified IPS developers working with our team the past three years now! i dont have the time to make any of this up! ooh... i'm also paying to reverse that! i haven't seen any IPS officials claiming im full of hues thus far, ATB Chris
  15. in that case this is still pending! we run separate suits one is strictly eCommerce and the other is forums, this option is available for forums but not if you run eCommerce as a standalone! we opted running this architecture for security and redundancy purposes, we run both as standalone dedicated servers with each acting as emergency backup of each other, as well as cross offsite storage of daily and hourly backups, i originally was nuder the impression we can run each module from a separate server, since we cannot; we run two suits each running the modules required, although we have figured out a workaround; currently there is no clean native way to get these two to cooperate and play nice as one, even with both ends totaling the sum modules of a single suite,
  16. YaY \ o / i didn't know this has already been addressed! we only recently discovered and pointed this issue out, is this true for 4.2x or 4.3 and up?
  17. i didn't want to go into specific eCommerce issues on this thread; for most parts the guys know exactly what i am talking about with regards to eCommerce drawbacks, there are many basic issues with the logic behind eCommerce that restricts it too much in functioning as a full eCommerce, in this aspect one of the main issues is you cannot register before you complete an approved credit card order?! sound logical from a security aspect but impractical in reality! there is some logic in code behind this that needs overhauling; this trickles down to other aspects of eCommerce that when you are a heavy user of eCommerce they become more apparent and crippling; im not sure exactly what is the technical obstacle that was never dealt with to this day with regards to eCommerce, a simple negligible example... now that one has managed to sign up to our shop by completing an approved credit cards order first! he is so excited he decided to buy his friend a gift card from our shop; all good up to here? you'd think but its not! the only way to use this certificate is if you already signed up to our shop as a customer, otherwise there's no way for a new customer to claim his gift card since he never complete an order first and will not be able to complete signup to shop to claim his gift card, that's just to mention a few and there are many of these little catch 22 situation in eCommerce as i mentioned earlier if you are a casual user you likely wont run into these issues, even if you did as a casual user for most cases one will never raise that flag and just move on relinquishing the sale he could have made; as its not worth the hassle; most changes diverting from the default restricted manner eCommerce currently operate will require a professional to alter the code! and even than the framework is restrictive for eCommerce as its barely been getting any attention for years now! ? ATB Chris
  18. Thank you for chiming in guys ❤️ i was/am frustrated and before i go into to my reasoning to anyone who reading this afterwards... i have nothing but respects and much love to IPS Team! it wasn't the simplest start but i have learned the ropes of the team and truly appreciate the professional manner IPS runs! i didn't mean no disrespect in the way i expressed myself; i see all IPS staff as friends many of them been there to help in the time of need; this is not a first correspondence, hence the somewhat informal approach i could only wish every service run this way! i didn't mean to sound like i'm pointing fingers at Matt; i was being sarcastic, i know how IPS internal system work :) these guys are great and have all the best intentions; i feel that their enthusiasm sometime effect priority which doesn't always line up with the feature productivity in real life, and again this is not done with male intent; nor i was suggesting it was/is! to my grief; its really a straw that broke the Camel's back; i happened to be on our forums front page as a guest; which usual never happens as im always logged in, you can imagine my surprise when i found out that guests are able to view information that should been kept private as i selected this in setting; i don't logout every day to check if settings are retained and to find these issue this way is extremely disturbing; what else is broken while we are unaware? we spend allot of money in securing our servers just to allow a tiny addon to break it without our knowledge? (even if its unintentional!) i really do wish 3rd party addon comply the way apple addon's do as this makes our life worry free! with security concerns on the rise daily this is very very important more so than another responsive feature (Joel i wasn't complaining about mobile or responsive features; just that they got higher priority (imo) than functional desktop features,) and we want "worry free" and happy to pay for the peace of mind and our customers security, i'm well aware that this is not always bullet prof but having something in place is better than nothing at all, this really what made me very upset; compound this with a bunch really small issues that collected over time, and really guys i dont wish to come across as unappreciative customer; i let allot of these little thing slide over time because they dont really matter in the big picture; IPS is still quality! but they do addon; the PM issue is one of them which bothered me from day one! why cripple productivity; we manage our environment via desktops! we always have been long before mobile devices became popular for main stream; even though we can do some administrative duties off a mobile or iPad device, no professional wants to sit and develop in front a mobile device or make it its main work tool; to me it appeared as mobile devices got more priority due to hype that was really nice for the end users but not for us admins and owner who need full desktop support; when it really just needed to stay as it was! simple and plain PM system, as it happens i know we can (finally ? ) search emails, i have voiced my concerns in the past regarding search and indeed it got much better over time, though still not perfect but at least works instead of using google to search my own site :) now when i get to my PM every now and than and i have to go back into a long conversation; and they do happen with our customers more often than not! i get frustrated when i have to find some file in a long PM; i cant even tell my customers to self help and search their own PM which was the point in the first place, instead of having a million emails from each customer; a single ongoing PM conversation is more clean and efficient imo, the customer should be able to search that PM and find any material he needs to use long after the conversation ended, with one PM there's much less clutter for the customer or me handling many of them at once, if i may while we are at it; eCommerce works but its not enough to just be able to process a transaction! in these day and age where people monetize through their forums it is only appropriate that IPS eCommerce finally mature to full grown eCommerce, if you ask me what im willing to pay for and what you can sale me; its not much deeper mobile support as much as the basics that allow us to run these forums, the days and spirit of "free" internet are over, today it costs allot of money to run these sites and maintain them, we need a proper monetization system to go along with our forums; there are too many basic logical flaws that need urgent attention on the eCommerce side guys! myself as well as our dedicated IPS dev would be more than happy to point these out, ooh... while i'm ranting; it would be nice to be able to dismiss the update messages in our ACP's, its not that we dont want to update; or we wont be updating, we just have to wait our turn! since its not urgent for us to update it was ok with us to be pushed to the back of the line with our dedicated IPS developer; in the meantime it would be nice if we can acknowledge the message and free up ACP real estate, (are these extra dots from my browser font or a bug in the text editor? See the word ACP above, when i type its fine; posted it adds some dots) Thank you again everyone for taking the time ❤️ i hope this better explains my "rant" ATB Chris
  19. Hi IPS, Im here today to express my grief, No its not support issues nor service; that area is working flawlessly! My grief is with probably with Matt!, Though we haven’t communicated much I feel those who whisper in his ear drive IPS to a place where I find myself looking into new solutions, It used to be about productivity; before v4 it was spot on when it comes to interface efficiency and comfort, Since v4 it became about mobile app features we as the people who pay the bills don’t care about! Ill tell you what I care about exactly, my PM box and the fact that I have conversations spawning over 1000 pages yet I can’t search PM’s content or correspondence, I have to go page by page and visually search what I’m looking for, seriously?! You overhauled PM with this new restrictive view in desktop environment! While I’ve heard all the reasoning at the time; and I have brought this up many time now! None of these stand the test of time, I’ve heard every explanation on this round earth, as earth it’s still round; we are now back at the starting point again! Frankly guys no bars held; its BS! PM sucks! There I said it! I was told this is the new better PM interface it works better bla bla… You know what all this bla bla and two years later; can you actually expand PM page to use the rest of the page? The answer is NO! Yes its tiny now and responsive and we can see it on our phone; that’s not what I paid for nor wish to continue supporting development if the direction is making the app as uncomfortable as possible for desktop users diminishing productivity, what was the point of restricting desktop PM view? the reasoning I got was so we can use wide screen, can we? or when you resize the screen it remain restricted and doesn’t fill the whole page? What’s the point people? i feel like the company lost their core principles that lead me to pick IPS and now gets excited about every new feature they can support; completely ignoring the basics that got IPS to where it is, Seriously take a closer look; competitors out there become more and more efficient with lowered costs, IPS is the most expensive application in this market slice; yet it give back less and less! While you all get excited on supporting a new devices or a new responsive feature we have to chase addon that break our sites without our knowledge, Basic things like that you’d expect at this point in time should not be an issue with such fancy platform; yet I bet it’s not even on the list of to do, Unless I tinker with them all day I have no way of knowing an addon broke my site or preventing registration and such, Really in these days and age? let’s get a new responsive line in the header it’s more important than to create a system that forces addon developers to comply and update their addons, Now we take a look at eCommerce application which is the most important portion of this suit and what supports forums operation for many; do I really need to go there and break it down? its a bismol! With new eCommerce platforms out there… guys move your asses or our ass will move to another provider who takes these worries off my table! You’ve gotten too comfortable in your wrong ways; It’s time for spring refresh! Lindy please do not come back with your all time winner “you can move to another provider” and we can still be friends, i know that already! We have not been patience and supporting your company all this time to deserve this in return; we want , we demand solutions and we deserve them! no more excuses or Mr. nice guy camouflage, These are basic elementary needs you all been neglecting for too long now; it has to stop! own up! Even though we got comfortable in our ways too; they can be changed if they become annoying or put our customers at risk, And a platform that breaks security through its addons exposing our private data is not something anyone will tolerate! i don’t have the time or wish spending resources on checking compliance every day when I’m paying IPS a premium every 6 months on top of licensing! Best regards, Chris
  20. i meant "code lazy" as a sarcasm and "dish it out" as in code wise! i know they can pull this off so the application reports live if they really wanted to! (as it did prior! ) they are both excellent developers! (hence the sarcasm) id pay for their work without thinking twice! (I do!)
  21. @Adriano Faria @-RAW- i use both your work! Ive seen and know what you two can dish out! that answer is simply because you and -RAW- are being lazy don't get me started... ill use what my customers use to guilt trip me; ill uninstall it and just wont use it!
  22. @CP don't get me wrong... i love the application, i watch my WWA all day!!! i asked first; maybe this was not intended, i cant live without my WWA, i wont, i refuse! and... here's that smiley
  23. how come the member view is jumbled now? is that intended? it used to list last active member; now it just shows random member pics same issue here as Mutley's; the application no longer updated like it used to be, the whole point of this widget is; it makes it simple to see who posted what when, taking these elementary features away just to display random pics is useless and not the original application intent! if we just want to see random faces IPS already has that built in! great another one bites the dust! keep programing your application as if only mobile phones are viewing data, go ahead and diminish the same tools you use every day to do your work in favor of mobile devices maybe start practice now and do your coding on a mobile device; be ahead of your time!
  24. @opentype Thank you found and activated, issue is resolved! YaY \ o / IPS
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