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  1. i meant "code lazy" as a sarcasm and "dish it out" as in code wise! i know they can pull this off so the application reports live if they really wanted to! (as it did prior! ) they are both excellent developers! (hence the sarcasm) id pay for their work without thinking twice! (I do!)
  2. @Adriano Faria @-RAW- i use both your work! Ive seen and know what you two can dish out! that answer is simply because you and -RAW- are being lazy don't get me started... ill use what my customers use to guilt trip me; ill uninstall it and just wont use it!
  3. @CP don't get me wrong... i love the application, i watch my WWA all day!!! i asked first; maybe this was not intended, i cant live without my WWA, i wont, i refuse! and... here's that smiley
  4. how come the member view is jumbled now? is that intended? it used to list last active member; now it just shows random member pics same issue here as Mutley's; the application no longer updated like it used to be, the whole point of this widget is; it makes it simple to see who posted what when, taking these elementary features away just to display random pics is useless and not the original application intent! if we just want to see random faces IPS already has that built in! great another one bites the dust! keep programing your application as if only mobile phones are viewing data, go ahead and diminish the same tools you use every day to do your work in favor of mobile devices maybe start practice now and do your coding on a mobile device; be ahead of your time!
  5. @Flitterkill thank you very much for your offer, i managed to trace and fix the issue, failing on two instances was too suspicious, i was able to update the server's PHP version which have solved the install issue! ATB Chris
  6. im unable to install the addon atm; anyone has any suggestion how i should progress? i tried installing older version which fails, as well as testing an upgrade on my test instance which also failed, TIA Chris
  7. i haven't tried that yet ill report shortly! Edit: installing the old version gives me the same error now, edit 2, i tried to do upgrade new version install on my backup instance where i still had the older version installed, the update failed with the same error,
  8. i have i uninstalled the older version for now, when i try to install onward now; i get redirected to that error page i mentioned before,
  9. @R-023 thank you for clarifying, got confused on the download page i didn't notice the second link im still getting this Error code: 2S100/6 with onward now TIA Chris
  10. @R-023 thank you, i have no idea what that is, im using the latest build for this addon, i am pointing to the Birth Date in Registration Screen.xml, but i get redirected an error page,
  11. apparently this was preventing users from registering for some time now, installing the latest build doesn't work atm on, TIA Chris
  12. @Adriano Faria Thank you Adriano, * for me it was important to be able to import an external list db (excel, cvs etc....) to invite (i know we have n ow the ability to import a list; but not invite) *the ability to control the distribution load; i other words my smtp server is restricted to sending only 500 email per hour; a 10k list distribution will than fail if it all went out at once; some controls on this part would be nice,
  13. @Martin1980 in the latest build i noticed there is a way to import a list, but no idea how to manage them from there,(tested working flawlessly might i add)
  14. since the move to 4.1.x it seems that ACP has a more restrictive timeout of roughly 30min id like to be able to control the timeout settings through ACP settings in the future, for the time being; where can i modify currently imposed ACP timeout settings?
  15. "topics Ive participated in" does not update records! while "recently discussed forum topics" is updating records as expected,
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