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  1. @Matt do you really believe this change will prevent people from getting tagged or reported as spammers? people will be people when one want to hurt another business it will still be the same right click to report you as a spammer! if no percussion were taken in advance the same loop will be triggered regardless ?
  2. @opentype no one asked you and no one cares what you think! when you bear any responsibility for my business maybe i ll ask your opinion, meanwhile you dont! and this is a private support area in which you are trolling over our complaint just so your post count goes up even if it has no merit to the topic! if i need advice about my personality ill see a shrink; im here to speak to the business owners not you!
  3. @opentype unless you got something positive to contribute... kindly STFU and go troll another thread! while your at it stick your nose in your own business!
  4. Matt i respectfully disagree, who's emails weren't being delivered? and why? we had no issues with our provider all this time! once the transmission is relayed over to third party there is enough mechanism in smtp to assure delivery and is not IPS responsibility! this is the wrong solution just for the simple reason I've listed before your post, just give spammers time to learn of this new ridicules practice! stomping my feet and shouting is because I've wasted hundreds of dollars the past few days, we lost thousands of dollars in business over this; and i'm about to spend even mo
  5. by design smtp protocol doesn't require authentication when sending mail off the host; you cannot authenticate an unknown mail server to another unknown mail server! you can authenticate as a client but not as another mail server trying to deliver mail to another hence no authentication required! its also by design and no accident that port 25 is open and doesn't restrict who can connect to it! as such anyone can terminal into any mail server and send mail right off it with no restrictions or interference, if you also allow unrestricted smtp traffic out; you're mail server will
  6. Dll when things work for you with this new service and 4 years down the road someone decides to just like that pull that support off for your convenience! without letting you know or considering the consequences this will cause; just to promote ones other service! do us all a favor and go troll someone else thread! my solution is simple... i have no more time to spend over what i have already the past few days! you want to promote someone's business do it on your own dime and time! i will pay a third party to fix this ridiculesness IPS decided to pull, i will be sending IPS
  7. @Lindy Hi everyone stop it now! im talking about the Bong from responded pages! there has to be a better way about this, here's a scenario prob most encounter often, you have ten windows open; each has 10 different tabs and than... you hear the bong! or two or three and sometimes four in short successions!!! i fond myself pupping up every page going through each tab looking where it came from by the time one flips through the tabs the 5 second message is gone from the page and that makes it even harder to trace where that bong came from! isn't there a better way abou
  8. Thank you Lindy ❤️ see... this why you're simply the best! (i cant even fathom working with someone else; now stop suggesting pls it wont happen ? ) i am very very happy to learn these issues are on IPS road map, i know with my background i'm a bit of an odd bird when it comes to systems and architecture; it was bit like teething in our early days when we presented our architectural goals, very happy to see more customers (IPS included) run customized split implementation these days as i was under the impression most of this is still considered out of the box; for most parts
  9. i dont really care how its implemented behind the scenes nor the end customer; it doesn't currently even exists in IPS core! since its based on a more simplistic (80's solution ? ) this cannot be simply implemented, the logic is simply not there to be used and need to be worked in to accommodate, when you start tinkering with that it becomes cumbersome as its integrated with other core features IPS is based on (constant catch 22's), ATB Chris
  10. imo what needs changing in this step is not pending initial registration to credit process approval; rather to email validation with shop account initiated! customer shouldn't be able to sign up if they cannot post a valid credit card; but the account should be initiated when one does present a valid one! yet completing a purchases shouldn't be the condition for completing initial signup in shop; when a CC can be verified account should be created regardless of order completion, ATB Chris
  11. it is in general what we want! and this is how we have it setup and working! it is though a double edged sword; on the one hand we dont want people to willy nilly sign up to shop as if it was our forums, on the other we do want them to be able to register when they are ready to place their order; the logical way IPS handles this bit is tricky, as many try to checkout this way but fail many time completing this initial signup process as its conditioned by credit approval first, un checking that option will allow robots and unwanted guests on our dedicated shop server which is not desir
  12. we do have this option set to $0.00
  13. Thank you Jackal, we have contemplated this option as a workaround, but i was overruled since there some other element that will be effected if we do so, (i can dig my emails to find that particular correspondence and the reasoning it was not advised to peruse that route) in practicality we lose customers who are unable to sign up, putting out $0 package is "workaround" but not the solution as many wouldn't know what to do unless they were directly instructed to do so, ATB Chris
  14. really you want to turn that rock? which guide and when was it published exactly? what if i told you there wasn't one available to consult when we first started! which you should be well aware considering the rep you've collected thus far, you can challenge what im saying (not that you really need too!) go ahead waste your time too? between the lines there you have just insulted two professionals; by all means continue.. show me how you disable forums module and able to sign up to eCommerce; go ahead words are cheap; you've been challenged! we have one of the few certified IPS
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