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Member Permissions - Secondary Groups

Carl Maltby

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Perhaps a simple fix, however not one that is immediately forthcoming. Members have their Primary and Secondary Group allocations; how does one remove ALL Secondary Group allocations from a member? Either I do not know how to manipulate a list box within the browser (Windows keyboard shortcut issue, perhaps?).

Simply, once one has allocated Secondary Grouping(s), it is subsequently impossible to go back to "none".

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If you press Ctrl while you click them, you can select multiple ones,

To remove them, press on one only & then press it again & you should be back to a single primary group

Fantastic Greg, thanks. I'm genuinely surprised I never tried this as part of trial and error.

I think I've perhaps "gotten to that age" where I'll no longer understand the remote control to the TV. Golden.


A checkbox control is more appropriate for this input. For the reason just mentioned and also in a multi-select list, if you accidentally mis-click, all your selections are gone.

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