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another attempt for upgrading on test and another fail...


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this is not ranting but i share my mind to get some serious hand here, and not always a we don't support test site then after some talk i get some hand (with a lot of talk), ???


ok, is it me ? (perhaps seriously i begin to ask my self if i get the knowledge to play to this game)

after having disturbing support on my case about failed utf8mb4 error, they fixed it, then tempting to upgrade to 4.x support tell me after original skin error to check some link in my 3.4.8 before migrating... SO i revert back my test environment :)


converted to utf8mb4 from UTF8 the tools say me ok 291 table converted etc etc... and i changed the correct config file (conf_global.php)

i check the index of the site and "sql driver error", like support explain me that was a previous bug not related to converting but 3.4.8 i apply the solution they gave me previously by uploading the correct tool and making check the issue and i get this :


mySQL query error: SELECT * FROM x_utf_recifgroups

SQL error: Table 'recifalbeta.x_utf_recifgroups' doesn't exist
SQL error code: 1146
Date: Monday 10th August 2015 08:27:35 PM

 Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 20:27:35 +0000
 Error: 1146 - Table 'recifalbeta.x_utf_recifgroups' doesn't exist
 IP Address: xx.xx.xx.xx - /admin/upgradeFinish/
 mySQL query error: SELECT * FROM x_utf_recifgroups


okay seem's fare away from the previous "caching issue"....



this is the good question : nowhere seriously... i was in past pretty confident in my skill to manage some works here, and when i touch limit i have used people skill using marketplace or custom coding, but for a lot of the work like upgrading, migrating, skining works i have work by my side.


this is very puzzling?


Am i the only one that face this impossibility to correctly and quietly test the migration on test site and facing this difficulties in infinite loop ? :)



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you shouldn't have the x_utf_ prefix, if you had a prefix (which looks to be recif), in your conf_global.php change it back. the converter should be renaming the tables back to what they originally were.

Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing when you don't have enough to know what you are doing ;)

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the original base get "recif" for prefix after converting the converter tool ask to setup "x_utf_recif" on the conf_global.php so i do it (if the software ask for it, it need it no ?) :)

i have also noticed that the collection is done in utf8.

so from there no positive move from last night :(

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what the tool currentlly say:



The database tables are UTF-8, collations are correct and there is nothing to convert.


IP.Board Character Set: utf-8
Database Character Set: utf8
Original table prefix: recif
Converted table prefix: x_utf_recif
291 tables are utf8mb4
0 tables have incorrect collations
Can use 'dump' method: false

Collation checked and fixed where appropriate

my conf:

ini_set('display_errors', '1');
$INFO['sql_driver']            =    'mysql';
$INFO['sql_host']            =    'localhost';
$INFO['sql_database']            =    'recifalbeta';
$INFO['sql_user']            =    'xxxxxx';
$INFO['sql_pass']            =    'xxxxx';
$INFO['sql_tbl_prefix']            =    'x_utf_recif';
$INFO['sql_debug']            =    '0';
$INFO['sql_charset']            =    'utf8mb4';
$INFO['sql_utf8mb4']            =    true;
$INFO['board_start']            =    '1321392627';
$INFO['installed']            =    '1';
$INFO['php_ext']            =    'php';
$INFO['safe_mode']            =    '0';
$INFO['board_url']            =    'http://beta.recifalnews.fr';
$INFO['banned_group']            =    '5';
$INFO['admin_group']            =    '4';
$INFO['guest_group']            =    '2';
$INFO['member_group']            =    '3';
$INFO['auth_group']            =    '1';
$INFO['use_friendly_urls']        =    '1';
$INFO['_jsDebug']            =    '0';
$INFO['mysql_tbl_type']            =    'MyISAM';

define('IN_DEV', 0);


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ok, i have just check the database, and it seem's i get origrecif and recif, so why the converter say to update the prefix at a moment µ?


so what i get :


img1.thumb.PNG.4d2efb286bf5127c1b75791df img2.thumb.PNG.af14bfee95ddcc7d44596e404

ok put back the recif and works...


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'output is not an object' in /usr/home/ouaib/www/beta.recifalnews.fr/www/admin_recifaln/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php:1135 Stack trace: #0 /usr/home/ouaib/www/beta.recifalnews.fr/www/admin_recifaln/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php(1233): ipsRegistry::getClass('output') #1 /usr/home/ouaib/www/beta.recifalnews.fr/www/admin_recifaln/applications/core/modules_admin/applications/applications.php(2759): ipsRegistry->__get('output') #2 /usr/home/ouaib/www/beta.recifalnews.fr/www/admin_recifaln/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php(3546): admin_core_applications_applications->applicationsRecache() #3 /usr/home/ouaib/www/beta.recifalnews.fr/www/admin_recifaln/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php(2279): ips_CacheRegistry::rebuildCache('app_cache', 'global') #4 /usr/home/ouaib/www/beta.recifalnews.fr/www/admin_recifaln/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php(614): ipsRegistry->checkCaches() #5 /usr/home/ouaib/www/beta.recifalnews.fr/www/admin_recifaln/sources/base/ipsController.php(77): ipsRegistry::init() #6 in /usr/home/ouaib/www/beta.recifalnews.fr/www/admin_recifaln/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php on line 1135


get this now but it's cache issue so could be fixed with 3.4.8 tools.

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so after : upgradeFinish tool runing the acp is ok but the front is break

so at this step need to do a complete cache rebuilt in ACP

conclusion: test site is ok and running in utf8mb4 .

next step 4.0.X

(yes i"ll post all here it could help other people)


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before upgrading i have checked in general settings that   upload path and upload url settings value are correct (one was not).

i push online the, go to upgrade page 

and finaly the real works begin...


thks for the help i hope this boring topic will help others to sort out issues... :)


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