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  1. We're still having issues. This application stopped most of our notifications from being sent out, and every time we forced it to run background tasks, it kept resending the last Bulk PM. We had to disable it, and then run the background tasks, which finally finished after 10 days. We're running 1.0.6 on the latest IPS 4.6.4 ...we're reluctant to enable this application again as it chewed through our monthly allowance of Mandrill sends and we had to buy more. Can you please confirm a fix. Thanks.
  2. We're running 1.0.9 and unable to install/upgrade/download the latest version. We're on IPS 4.6.x is there an upgrade or can you provide the 1.1.4 version directly so I can install over this very old version? @newbie LAC
  3. We just noticed that messages sent via BulkPM is sending folks to the adminCP when they try to adjust their notifications settings (in the footer of the email) but normal emails (which have the exact same footer BTW) take them to the correct notifications preferences.We just noticed that messages sent via BulkPM is sending folks to the adminCP when they try to adjust their notifications settings (in the footer of the email) but normal emails (which have the exact same footer BTW) take them to the correct notifications preferences. More details when you click on the link: Error: Class 'IPS\core\modules\admin\system\notifications' not found (0) #0 /srv/users/microcapclub/apps/microcapclub/public/forums/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(109): IPS\Dispatcher\_Admin->init() #1 /srv/users/microcapclub/apps/microcapclub/public/forums/admin/index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher::i() #2 {main}
  4. We have a subscription product where we occasionally provide coupons. The coupons are intended to reduce the cost of the initial term of a subscription but we don't want them used for renewals or more than once. So, we set "Can be used for renewals of selected products?" to off in the coupon configuration. However, we have found that users can use the coupon again by letting the subscription lapse, creating a new instance of the subscription, and then applying the coupon. A mechanism to avoid the problem of using a coupon more than once (e.g. renewals) would be to set the "Number of times this coupon can be used by a single member" to 1. However, whenever a coupon is applied to an invoice for our subscription product it is marked as a use even if has never been purchased. We have found that people frequently create an invoice and apply the coupon but don't actually buy. Then they come back a few days later and actually try to buy on a new invoice. Unfortunately, in this situation the coupon can't be applied a second time which results either in support requests to us or people that don't subscribe. So, we set "Number of times this coupon can be used by a single member" to 4 but then have a loophole. So, to ensure that a coupon is only used for the initial subscription and not renewals we propose that one of the following options be implemented. OPTION #1: Only consider a coupon “used” once the payment process has completed, then we could simply set the individual uses back to 1 and have it work as designed. or...OPTION #2: IPS emails them the original invoice with the coupon code applied so they can go back at a later date and pay it.
  5. @Mike John Is it possible for Auto Welcome to provide different messages for different user groups? We have three user groups (registrants, members, and subscribers) and would like to send a different message to each one. For example, is there a way to use conditional text in the editor?
  6. Thank you for the quick response. Just updated according to your code changes above but it still shows blank for guests. EDIT: Nevermind, it took about 5 mins to shows. I guess it was a caching issue. Sorry. Thank you, works great and great support!
  7. Looks like the code changed in 1.0.9, how do I apply the above in the new version to let guests see topics/posts (titles only) that they don't have permission for?
  8. Ok, I updated the cache for the slow update fix, regarding the topics showing I didn't realize there were 2 places to exclude, topics and posts. Thanks.
  9. We were also several versions behind (like a year to two) when we upgraded to the latest version of your plugin. Could that have caused an issue?
  10. Another issue. The plugin is ignoring the forums I'm telling it to exclude in the list. The topics show anyways:
  11. But it worked fine with the previous version. The only thing that changed was installing this new version. Just to be sure I also turned off cloud flare on /forums (even though it was on before with the old version of the plugin), still no change. 5-10 minutes for the topics to update.
  12. We noticed with this latest version, topics take a while to be marked as read (from bold to not-bold) on the sidebar. About 5-10 minutes. What is causing this?
  13. Our web site provides content for stock market investors and has a large quantity of topics. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 topics on our site. Because of this our users frequently use the search function to find a particular topic. Also, most topics are only a page or two long. Users of our site often have problems finding content via the search function because they aren’t aware of the search scope (e.g. “All Content”, “This Topic”, “This Forum”) and have it set incorrectly. We often receive reports that the search function is broken and then must educate the user on how to use the scope. In fact, we have even created a FAQ item on our web site about this issue. Invision Software defaults the search scope to the current scope. For example, if a user is in a topic it defaults the search scope to “This Topic”. This confuses nearly all of the users as most people expect the search function to search the whole site (“All Content”). This is probably especially true on a site like ours that has a lot of topics rather than a site that has few topics but volumes of information on those topics. What we suggest is that there should be an option to default the scope of the search function. We would want the scope to always default to “All content” no matter where you are on the site. It is rare that a user would want to search within a topic because most of our topics are relatively short. Other sites might prefer the current operation of the search scope. So, maybe the two states of the proposed Default Search Scope Option could be “Search all content by default” and “Search the current context by default”. The initial setting could be the later option so that the operation for existing websites is unchanged unless changed by the website operator.
  14. I am really interested in using this product on our web site but have a question on the e-mail function for @Fosters. We have a subscription service on our web site. Once people subscribe there are some that don't log in for a period of time or use the site for a while and then drop off. What we would like to do is to give them suggestions via e-mail at say 15 days of inactivity. The subscribers are in a separate group from the rest of the users of the site so they are easy to filter that way. So the question is: If a user is inactive for 15 days, is e-mailed, goes inactive for 15 days again, and then become active again will they receive the e-mail twice or only the first time they become inactive?
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