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Solution: CKEditor 'Source' code view: html content all on one single line

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This is for all those who have complained about this - it's been bugging me as to why this is happening, as source formatting is a default function in a download of ckeditor. I've had a bit of time today to sit down and look at it closely and here's your solution.


Install the 4.4.8 version of the plugin, as the CKEditor version in use on IPS4 at present is the 4.4 code line.

The above plugin is included in a default download of CKEditor but is not included in the plugins IPS use by defaults.

Good luck :)

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Source editing is in by default, and no additional plugin is required - you need to turn on the "Can post html?" option in the ACP for a group, and that will reveal the button.

Or you can disable JavaScript temporarily. This gives you a plain text area where you can type HTML (no need that an admin allow it).

Example of this post (edit):


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Rejecting is a bad way. On my site some users have JavaScript disabled and I don't want to reject all posts of them. ;)

strip tags sounds good. But the software has to (correctly) check if the post was send from a JavaScript disabled client. I wonder how IPS will deal with it.

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