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Change top right Icons color


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Hi @Ausy I think I have the same problem - I'm using the cloud version and have only tweaked the color settings by editing the default theme. I'm trying to use a light gray for the top section and so the small icons don't show very well (they're all white). Is it easy for me to somehow add this CSS tweak if I'm not doing anything else with CSS? If so any guidance very welcome, thanks!

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Yep, it's easy, @Andrew Takats.

Go to your Control Panel and click on Customization > Themes. Click the "</>" icon for the relevant theme and then the tab CSS. Finally, click on core > front > custom > custom.css. This is the place where you make changes to a theme's design without fear of them being overwritten in an upgrade.

Paste in the code from above and then save it. It might be that the colour in it isn't to your needs, so change #444444 to whatever it is that's best for you.

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