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Reputation Stats - very high in google rankings


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I wonder if anybody noticed this weird SEO issue. When you try to search invision forums through google, most of the times the top spots are not occupied by the forum thread, but by the link to its reputation stats. 

For example searching for invision power commerce hosting result No3 is this link: https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/310365-ipcommerce-hosting-control-panel-integration/?do=showRepComment&comment=1950649


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But it's still odd though - everyone bangs on about how 'content is king' in SEO, and yet pages such as these with almost zero content are ranking as high as those with content.

Ralf's suggestion should stop it though.

Content is still king. This is towards the bottom of the ranking of IPS pages for me performing an incognito search, not #3. These pages also don't have canonical tags so that the page to which the additional page is related is indexed, not this one.

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