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  1. I don't think people understand what AMP is. It's not going to magically skyrocket your forum up the rankings and, arguably, could make things more challenging. It's designed to make traditionally slower pages load more quickly. Where it might help is in Pages, where you have articles that could be media heavy and you're seeking to get readers and not necessarily participants. While AMP is an interesting concept, I wouldn't be prioritizing it over more important requests.
  2. Ah... yes... hard to believe we had this conversation 3 years ago about whether there was native treatment of fields in Pages. In essence I think I understand what you did since Pages doesn't have that field created natively and ultimately can't know where to look for an excerpt database field without specifying it. I recall being able to do this on another site.
  3. Ah, the text is very light and was difficult to see. It looks like the default may be the new IPS default skin with tabs, which has also been improved since I last saw it a while back. Nice theme. I'd want to make a few tweaks for visibility and probably remove the animated area in the header and reduce the size, which I'm sure can be managed with just a little bit of code. I like the cleanliness. Well done.
  4. Kudos. When I was active here before Pages was not really ready for prime time even though it worked. Looks like much has changed and presentation with your addon looks excellent and pages load reasonably quickly too. A couple of questions: - Are there any templates you'd suggest? I want to make sure that it retains the crisp simplicity you've displayed for a professional/business appearance - which might be using a theme by Heosforo? - I've noticed that the templates use the existing text in blocks from the article. I can't remember but I'm very sure that you can also use snippet summaries instead (or "excerpts" as they are called in Wordpress) Can you confirm? -
  5. Can I assume that the demo for this theme is the default on the forum? I think right now you're defaulting Chocolate - which is way cool but I'm looking for dark text, light background. Looks very nice and clean.
  6. Hey Lindy! Hi Matt! Perhaps you can tweak the message just a little bit to (a) let existing users know that some things are behind the curtain as developers need upgrade fees to pay the rent; and (b) let others know that there is a lot more than appears to the eye! You guys have your reasons but I always found a product more compelling and reassuring confidence when I saw activity that I couldn't access yet but that the interest was there. Thanks for the explanation. I'll get in touch with you guys and learn about how the new process works. Looking forward to putting some of those licenses on some new sites that have promise and could probably use a more tightly integrated solution. Thanks!
  7. OK... some of you may remember me as I was around for a while, built a number of sites with the licenses I have and provided a lot of feedback while I was here, especially SEO related. Have been very busy with other things, all good, and came back to change the domain on one of my licenses and found... myself utterly confused being locked out of virtually anything and everything. If I hadn't been around for as long as I have been, I probably would have been even more baffled. I'm posting in chit-chat because it seems that "support" on all my 4 licenses have expired. So I guess things have changed and maybe someone can explain them. 1) So if one owns licenses it appears that there is no way to change the domain on them - unless you pay a support fee. The overlay says you can get updates, access to support resources and spam monitoring... OK. But there is no other explanation as to why you can't download the software you're licensed to have, the domain you've installed, the key for that software, etc. 2) For a moment I wondered whether this forum had suffered a substantial departure since it seemed so much was missing. This is also the case because I can't access even half of the forums that are visible. I had to look at my 1000+ posts to find where things were and then I realized that even the add-ons I've paid for are inaccessible and as to my posts, you can view the page the post is on but nothing else as access to all those forums are gone. So... hi again y'all. What's up?
  8. If you know how to administrate IPS you won't have to bother with databases. To make it easy to understand, I said that IPS 3 = IPS 4 except soft delete is now called "hide" and "hard delete" is now "delete." If you screwed up, the process to restore is exactly the same.
  9. My understanding is that IPS 4 is perfect capable of soft deleting and permanently deleting. However IPS decided that the terminology needed changing - so the functionality to soft delete is there but IPS has renamed this "hide" (which means soft delete) and "delete" (which means hard delete.) Windows, Wordpress, Mac OS, most other forum software and IPS 3 (if i recall), etc. follow the convention that "delete" is the terminology for soft delete. While I agree with lindy that "hide" really does describe what soft delete does, I don't think a Word processor is a go it's a good idea to mess with convention - especially where confusing "delete" means "hard delete" instead of "soft delete" that most are used to seeing. In short - soft delete is in there. But if you deleted in IPS 4 thinking delete was "soft delete" as it has been and in other equivalent software, your remedy is to do the same thing as hard deleting. Find the topics in your backup and then run a query to insert them back into the appropriate tables in order to restore.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Regarding the introductory "how to" text, there is usually a help file which can be borrowed from to create your own new members page. I think every site has its own areas it wants to push and using a template is probably the best way to go. I have my registrations configured to land on a custom page for users which has a list of all their most common things they want to see. And I place a link to it in the navigation. SMS verification - Interesting idea but not as common as you'd think. I don't know how many people want to enter their phone numbers into a site and it's yet another data point to enter. I can see it being a very popular addon. The stats on the side are OK and fine. But the real kicker that does NOT happen with IPS has been something I have raised since the first week after release. There is no coherent rewards system. THAT is the caffeine in the coffee, not bare stats. This "content count" system is useless as a bare total count number. There should be two systems: (a) reputation; (b) user activity/experience/award level . Reputation measures how reliable or liked a user's posts are. The second is a system that shows how much the user has contributed. If there are award levels for certain types of participation and those are known, e.g. 4,000 IPS Points to reach bronze level status where you get xyz, then users know what they need to do to become respected members with titles and the rewards they will receive. Right now this is all over the place on both accounts. I think with a little work this can all be tied together nicely.
  11. For most purposes having the best answer selected works. Would be nice to have the option of having more than one for solutions but your community (if they have half a brain) should get the job done. Unfortunately this is what has me held back from using it all this time. None of it is coherent and there is no perceived reward for any members of the community with "credit" sprawled all over the place and also not amounting to any easy way for it to be rewarded, e.g. if you gain enough aggregate points from these actions you go up a level, get permissions or other added benefit including a title, etc. But these are all basics and unfortunately large omissions. This room needs the rug that ties it all together.
  12. I'm with you on not preferring the auto although if it was an option that could be turned off, no harm no foul. I'd have been just happy with the basic design that you see working successfully on virtually all sites that run these types of forums and use up-down - BA and perhaps top voted below the question (copies), threaded posts or separate answer vs. discussion about answer, rewards and levels for votes. Another large issue for me here is that there doesn't seem to be any coherence as to how these QA forums and reputation all work together. Same goes for "content count." Not sure what Likes are vs reputation and there is no activity in status updates for either myself or anyone else on this thread. I wrote something about this which feels like years ago but I haven't seen any discussion on whether there is a desire to tie up all these systems together into one cohesive unit. Then again, I've taken a long hiatus waiting for things to mature a bit.
  13. Honestly I'd have been glad if this was done right the first time exactly as you propose, no more no less. I have no idea how any of this could have escaped that special group who were supposedly providing feedback during design.
  14. And on most of these addons you're able to assign vote weight by user group. For example, you may value your experienced users much more than the newbies and also give incentive not to fake accounts for the sake of upvoting. Hence experienced members have 5 points and those who are at a certain level have 3 points and new members 1 point in voting until the total number of points/votes reaches the threshhold to consider a question properly answered.
  15. The BEST ANSWER is to have it has @chilihead mentions. I'm not sure why this has been in question since it came out. If you're not going to have threading you absolutely need to sort by date. And if you lose the BA because you've sorted by date in order to make sense of things, you need a copy of the BA below the first post so you don't lose the BA. Basically it's exactly the same as you had before. The difference is that IPS4 requires you to make an entire forum a BA or not and you can't set BA by topic..
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