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  1. NewRockRabbit

    What is the point of activity stream?

    The lack of response is not really filling me with confidence here.
  2. NewRockRabbit

    What is the point of activity stream?

    In answer to your question I mean what you described in your 02/01/2016 post.
  3. NewRockRabbit

    What is the point of activity stream?

    If if turns out that the Activity Stream navigation system can not, after all, be improved, will IPS consider re-introducing pagination, or similar, on Activity Stream? Currently we still have the situation where, contrary to some assertions, Activity Stream still does not do everything that View New Content did (ie the ability to switch back and forth effectively between Activity and Posts on active forums). This is important as it makes for a poor user experience and is my main gripe with IPS 4.x.
  4. NewRockRabbit

    What is the point of activity stream?

    @Lindy, is there any update on when this will be done? If it has already been implemented, then its not working for me and I'll file a bug report.
  5. NewRockRabbit

    What is the point of activity stream?

    Is there any news on when this will be implemented?
  6. NewRockRabbit

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    @Steve Bullman Answer is in xtech's signature (modified Ip.Pages)
  7. NewRockRabbit

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Very nice site, but I'm confused! You appear to have Activity Stream with pagination? How did you manage to do that? *** edit *** Ah, this is IPS 4.0 not 4.1 methinks.
  8. NewRockRabbit

    PageSpeed Insights -Going to Improve?

    Alexa is meaningless - its based on the surfing habits of users who have the Alexa toolbar on their browser, a tiny sub-set of users. It is nothing to do with the technical side of IPS.
  9. NewRockRabbit

    Are forum communities dead?

    I've had quite enough 'excitement' with Activity Stream thank you very much.
  10. Activity Stream (within the page source) contains entire posts, but AS only shows users a truncated section of that post. Therefore spiders are seeing different content to users. Does this present a risk that IPS sites might suffer a penalty for cloaking from Google, as users are being shown different content to spiders? Google cloaking definition here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66355 (PS I'm sure I asked this before but can't find post).
  11. NewRockRabbit

    My users hate the activity stream

    Yes, but in 3.4 the default (eg new posts in last 24 hrs) can be changed by the user by a single clear button (eg new posts in past week). It really is more complicated and confusing in 4.1. And when I try to configure a default AS I'm never really sure what result I'll end up with
  12. NewRockRabbit

    My users hate the activity stream

    I think all this confusion with AS (by forum users and Admins) clearly demonstrates that the current system is simply not intuitive enough. I doubt whether the majority of users are going to go through the effort of configuring their own AS, they'll just get frustrated.
  13. NewRockRabbit

    IPS should improve the suite documentation

    I'll all for more documentation but to be fair to IPS, Kentico is much, much more expensive than IPS suite.
  14. NewRockRabbit

    What is the point of activity stream?

    It is browser navigation which I want, as you define above (in bold), particularly for Activity which follows use of load new activity (ie page 2 onwards in old speak). But there must be some easy to see visual clue as to where you left the AS when you return to the AS (eg highlighting). The little blue blob is lost in the extended AS unlike the old VNC. Personally I'm not bothered whether this is achieved by pagination or by some form of voodoo magic.
  15. NewRockRabbit

    IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    I fear that this is already happening. There are quite a few 'regulars' who appear to have gone or now post very infrequently. I'm aware of a few who have moved to XF or WBB.
  16. NewRockRabbit

    What is the point of activity stream?

    I quite like AS, particularly its flexibility across different Apps and the customisation options. But, and this is a big but, its feels so unfinished with several bugs and/or inconsistancies which have been reported / discussed many times with little impact. Totally agree with above, and this is my biggest bugbear with AS. I do not think it is really usable on medium / high traffic boards due to the lack of pagination or similar. Again, discussed many times, but unclear what is going to happen, if anything. On this site I rarely use 'load more activity' due to the subsequent difficulty in switching between AS and actual content.
  17. NewRockRabbit

    IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    Support will not be able to take care of the AS issues. Attractive and flexible as it is, there remain several serious usability problems with AS (particularly for active, busy boards) which are set out in several threads/ bug reports. I hope these get sorted well before June.
  18. Good news! One impact of this is that when I use AS to find new content I generally only look at the latest 25 items of new content and thus reply / comment less than I used to. Maybe this is a good thing for everyone else , but if this is being replicated across other users, the result will be significantly lower forum activity. The simplest solution appears to be some form of load more / pagination as Koby describes above - simple is good.
  19. NewRockRabbit

    IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    15 months? June 1, 2016 - End of all technical support. Only security updates will be provided. Way I read it is that we only have 5 months!
  20. I'm not sure if this is a bug, a design fault or an intentional feature. Therefore, I will also post this as a bug report. In AS, with the first 25 entries, a user go to the AS, then click through from AS to the actual topic/post, and then return to the AS (using browser back button). This is a quick and effective way of going through all the new content since a user's last visit, and is how most of my users expect a forum / blog to work. However if the user 'loads more activity', and then clicks through from the AS to an entry beyond entry 25 (say for example activity 37), clicks through to that entry and then returns to AS (using the back button), the user returns to the first 25 entries, not entry 37 (or whatever the point was that they left from). This means the user is (a) a bit lost as they haven't returned to the point they left from and (b) once / if they work out what has happened, they have to go through the process of loading more activity again, find where they had got to and then repeat the process. On a busy forum, where there may 50+, or 100+ items of new activity to go through, this becomes a very confusing and slow process for the user, involving multiple loading of more activity, and the busier the forum is, potentially the worse the user experience is. Therefore, can AS be improved so that the point you leave AS is the point you return to once you have read a specific entry and returned to AS by using the back button? Thanks NRR.
  21. NewRockRabbit

    Activity Stream - can't return to departure point

    Above should read advanced support ends in 2 months time, basic support in 5 months. (not clear what the differentiation is between advanced and basic though).
  22. NewRockRabbit

    Activity Stream - can't return to departure point

    Still no news on any resolution to this problem - ie, it doesn't appear to be coming in 4.1.6. IMHO, this is a significant core functionality usability issue for any busy forum / big board which must be resolved before the 3.4.x end of support kicks in, in just over two months time.
  23. The 'objective' is for the Stream to be more than attractively displayed content but to be a functioning tool to find AND read that content. At present as soon as you want to go beyond the first 'page' of 25 entries you lose the ability to move easily between the Stream and the underlying content (ie using the back button to get back to the point you left the Stream). I'm surprised that this still appears to be in any way a 'controversial' request. Rather I see it as basic functionality.
  24. The third thing that needs to come back to AS is either some form of pagination or at least the ability to the return to the point you left AS when you click between AS and posts. Matt said back in November this was to be 'discussed internally' but no mention since. This is essential on busy forums where you load several pages of AS.
  25. NewRockRabbit

    IPS4 Feature Plan

    I'm not sure whether anyone has commented on this so far (cause the search function on this site is so flaky ), but I would like to say that the new 'IPS4 Feature Plan' is a fantastic resource, which both answers many questions and is beautifully laid out. Hopefully it'll stop some of the repetitive arguments as well (although I'm just waiting for the 'why is xyz not in your feature plan' thread ). Nice one IPS. http://community.invisionpower.com/4featureplan/