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(NB40) Reorder Pinned Topics

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1 hour ago, imightbluff said:

This doesn't seem to work for me
 I am trying to make the promotion topics appear after the FAQs and it won't let me move it more than that 1 spot. 

Any help with this is greatly appreciated :) 


I can't reproduce

I need acp and/or ftp access for debugging

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I installed this, enabled it for all groups, yet there is no "Pinned Topics" button available. This does not appear to work on 4.2.

Edit: Found an alternative solution and confirmed it to work on 4.2:

Still would have been nice just to be able to sort the topics but I had to uninstall newbie LAC's app. It has not been supported in two years but is a useful concept so had to give it a try.

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@newbie LAC, I have lost track of the number of great plugins you've developed. It's been my pleasure to support your work by purchasing each of them.

Question regarding this plugin. Is the change to pinned topic order sticky, or does it reset the filter once someone adds a reply to another pinned thread. Hope that makes sense.

Edit - Think I just answered my own question. Seems your plugin takes over the pin ordering completely. Excellent. Purchased and love it.

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