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  1. Your custom css worked and it looks much better like that. Thank you! But rows are enabled, yes. Will send you credentials. Edit: Taman resolved my issue. Turned out the Magnum theme just needed to be reinstalled again, and for some reason something became corrupted in my global template the first time I tried to reinstall it. ADVANCED FOOTER IS WORKING ?
  2. I just doublechecked, and as far as I know I followed each of those instructions exactly. Have been repeatedly emptying my cache. I'm willing to settle for the native footer in Magnum -- but I would lose my Twitter feed or it seems the ability to use raw HTML such as to embed Twitter with raw html. However, this little bit in custom.css is no longer doing its trick to get rid of the dotted lines and make them solid: .af_Container .linksBlo .ipsDataList li, .af_Container .articlesBlo li {border-bottom: 1px solid;} Maybe that's because this only ever applied to the advanced footer, but it would be nice to get rid of those dotted lines in the native footer in the absence of the advanced footer.
  3. Hello, first off I am a big Taman fan. Having a problem though getting the advanced footer to work or even be visible. I must be missing something very basic since this seems to be working for others. I had the Magnum theme and Advanced Footer plugin and left site alone for a while. Came back today and did forum upgrades and then the colors/contrast/everything essentially broke. So, I installed the latest Magnum theme and lost all customization. This fixed all of the contrast issues from the upgrade and I've updated most of the configs by now. Unfortunately, as would be predicted, the advanced footer was no longer working right -- but I did read this support thread and do understand that it's an application now. However, I've tried installing/reinstalling the app (after uninstalling the plugin) and now I cannot get anything to appear as an advanced footer. For a short moment I got one column to work but cannot reproduce that. I've been trying every tweak I could think of on the settings but so far not getting anything, so unless I can resolve this it's goodbye to my advanced footer, which makes me sad because it was perfect for its purpose and also gave me a Twitter feed. I'm on IPS cloud hosting using the latest versions: IPB 4.3.4.
    I am happy with how this turned out after some tinkering and gracious help from Taman. I liked how the red arrow icons turned out. I did that with: <ul class="ipsDataList"> <h3>Site Links</h3> <li><a href="Example.com"><i class="fa fa-caret-right" aria-hidden="true"></i><strong>Link Title</strong></a></li> </ul> What specifically gave the red arrows was. Not sure if 'aria-hidden="true"' is necessary or not: <i class="fa fa-caret-right" aria-hidden="true"></i> Also, using a trick that I dug out of the support thread, the default dotted lines was replaced by adding this to custom.css: .af_Container .linksBlo .ipsDataList li, .af_Container .articlesBlo li {border-bottom: 1px solid;} This was the final outcome: I initially had problems getting this plugin to work at all for reasons that I can't explain (was told that the fields were empty by default) but Taman was quick to help me get it fixed. This plugin works with all themes. As a note, I disabled the footer on my site's theme which is Magnum (also by Taman and highly recommended).
  4. I dropped that into custom.css and it worked beautifully. You're a genius.
  5. Thanks Taman. Much easier to see with a darker color. However, the logo text is still pretty hard to see with thin letters. I tried putting <strong > </strong > tags into various parts of the global template but that did not work. Is the template to complicated for a simple fix like that to implement bold logo text? Perhaps it would just be better to use a transparent text logo
  6. Hello, Does anyone know what Front-End Color represents the site title on the default white palette? I'm trying to making my site title a little bit darker so it can be seen. This is what it looked like with the default colors. Also, I could not find which color is under "create" and the notifications in the upper right. Trying to make that much darker because on mobile it takes up the whole row and does not look good to have two rows with the same dark blue like that. I tried to go down almost the whole palette changing everything to bright pink and back to figure out what is what, but that proved to be a difficult task.
  7. No luck on getting the Twitter feed to work. Any suggestions? I will leave my ACP credentials the same as yesterday if there is something you might think would help to check. The Twitter url I'm trying to connect to the feed is: https://twitter.com/vnetworking Input: Output (No tweets):
    I was happy to buy this to show my support. Taman is the best thing to happen to IPB since IPS 4.0.
    This is still working on IPS 4.2.5. Awesome! This is a wonderful feature. It's a shame that it's not built into IP.Board but it's great that a plugin still works for it. Had to enable it for all users for it to work initially. Not sure if that was necessary but gave me some trouble at first until I did that.
  8. Thank you for responding. I re-installed the plugin and it is working now. Would have given up otherwise so I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. *Confirmed working on 4.2.5*
  9. I installed this, enabled it for all groups, yet there is no "Pinned Topics" button available. This does not appear to work on 4.2. Edit: Found an alternative solution and confirmed it to work on 4.2: Still would have been nice just to be able to sort the topics but I had to uninstall newbie LAC's app. It has not been supported in two years but is a useful concept so had to give it a try.
  10. Hello, new fan here. About how difficult would it be to make a footer look like this? If I try to more than two columns of "Site Links" then it pushes it down into another row rather than cutting across the right half of the page. This example below is from a different theme in which the footer was the only part that I liked. It would also be desirable to be able to remove the ".........." separators in between the footer links on your theme or to use visuals similar to what's above. This is what the ACP in the footer section looks like in the them pictured above: I tried to copy those setting values over but it didn't work. Edit: Below is a screenshot of the best I could do using the parameters in the footer section on Magnum. Too much space under and above the headers and can only make those two columns. I also believe it would look much more professional with the divider style in the screenshot at the top of this post. Those columns also afforded this same text just enough space not to force anything on two lines. The column on the right also is a bit bigger (a better width). My target would be to have four columns with the same width of column two, with the discretion to use one of them as an "About me" but not in BB code.
    I loved this so much that I bought the copyright-removal as a thank you. I was about to give up on IPB after many years of waiting for theme which could accomplish my goals and not be a complete headache. I was about to delete my hosted IPB account and change my content concept to WordPress, but downloaded this theme to give IPB one last chance. Not only is this headache-free, but it is getting scores on WebPageTest like I've never seen before: If I added an Amazon S3 bucket that B could probably turn into an A and I would get a perfect score. Load times are also under 3 seconds, and with a large image in my slider! The attention to detail you must have paid in order to accomplish out-of-box speed test scores like this is staggering. Going to keep this as my site's exclusive theme. Great work and please keep this updated.
  11. Yes indeed, I remember literally waiting 3-4 years for 4.0 to come out in the first place and planning my life around that. Not complaining, but literally that's what happened and I waited a few more years longer than I expected. By then I had a different career entirely and the plans needed to change. But just using logic and common sense, I imagine nothing would really be lost or missing, especially since 4.x has such a solid text editor (which is part of why I was waiting so long). It's just kind of funny to walk up to my forum finally and get started only to see that I'm still "waiting for 4.0". However, I'm glad that doing a good job is important to them rather than use artificial deadlines where they release ready or not. I do worry about inconsistencies though, if promoted blog posts come out in a significantly different format.
  12. @Lindy (or anyone who can answer): If we just copy-pasted forum posts into blogs, how similar would that effect be to promoting a forum post into a blog with blog integration? I ask because I'm torn between waiting for the feature and just doing it manually. I do not mind the extra manual work, however I don't want somehow to be missing something critical and bloggy with the cut/paste method. Thanks. Serious question by the way.
  13. Hello, I entered the wrong .htaccess password a few times too many and then got locked out. Now, when using my normal IP, I cannot get my page's domain to load at all. I tested the page on two neighboring networks and I am able to access the page fine. I've also since correctly-guessed my .htaccess password and could get into the ACP, but could not find anything about a blocked IP. It's been over a couple hours and I still cannot get my page to load. I've tried multiple browsers and even accessing it from a virtual machine, but that's blocked too since it just NIC teams to my host's IP. In the event that my IP has been locked out by an anti-bruteforcing mechanism which is not undone simply by "waiting it out", how do I restore my IP's access? In case it's relevant I am using IPS' hosted cloud service and so I do not have root server or FTP. On Chrome the error is: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.
  14. Hello, I found the answer to my own question in time to edit it in: Solution was to enter this script into the Google Analytics: <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('#elProfileTab_field_core_pfield_1').trigger('click'); }); </script> A big thank you to those of you out there who dedicate yourselves to being coding geniuses!
  15. Anyone have any idea how to get a social media button working with this theme please? I keep buying other themes with social media buttons, but none seem to look as good as this one. Thanks in advance if anyone's out there.
  16. Is there a way to have social media buttons with this skin? I would very much like to add a Twitter button. Am I missing something really simple or is that not possible?
  17. Ok I'm glad that it wasn't just me overlooking something obvious. Those list of things with no evident change was all I was able to come up with. But basically everything which was not the footer, a social media icon, or the logo did not make any obvious changes. I bought both the Simplify and the Haze but quickly gave up. I found another skin to keep me happy in the meantime, but I'm confident you will figure it all out in due time. I purchased your recent skins with very little consideration because I was such a fan of Pulse on 3.x. However, what I look for most in a skin is to be able to see as much of the actual forum as possible without the header space hogging it all. Any customizations I would be interested would need to focus on shrinking that space as much as possible. Until then I don't see myself using these. But you are very good at what you do so I will be holding onto hope for the future.
  18. I deleted the image link for the background and I think it looks better like that anyway so I'm happy.
  19. This is the best theme I've seen but there seems to be an oversight in the design for mobile. Down at the bottom the black honeycomb background cuts out the "Themes" and "Contact Us".
  20. Hello Tom, I am using 4.1.10. I am refreshing one page side by side to another and can't detect the slightest change when toggling any of the settings except for floating/traditional and overriding the logo, being able to turn the footer off, and turning off the social media. Those things worked but nothing in the header area. I find that there is too much space between the navigation and where the forum posts start, and if I can't make that space smaller (which would be very nice), then it would be desirable to put some sort of banner there, but I don't seem to be able to. Would it have anything to do with me using the IPS cloud hosting limiting changes even if from within the ACP? I uploaded and selected 'enable background' but no response, and also no apparent change from toggling 'boxed mode', 'sticky header', 'background layout', 'background stickiness', or 'enable fluid width'. None of those things seemed to work.
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