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ip.pages custom fields

Ali Majrashi

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i posted alot about ip.pages and fields that ship with it

i hope IPS team consider improving the fields available to us and one important future that can ease our unique or advance use 

is add the ability to create our custom fields from ACP and have the ability to export or import them 

something like 

  1. field name
  2. version number
  3. filed data type
  4. field HTML code (for display and form)
  5. field JS code  (for display and form)
  6. field CSS code  (for display and form)
  7. field validation code for advance use(validate data before been save to the database)
  8. field options so you can use them in html,css,js or validation process
  9. field process code (for display and saving)
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I second this, if the default ip fields could be expanded it would be great. Maybe a field to bring forward images out of the IP Gallery, a field to bring download links out of the IP Downloads. I would love a contributor field that would sort of function like "Who's Online" but rather it would show "Who's Contributed" to a IP Database record.

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