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Hi Guys

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On IPB 3.4.8

Just moved to a new server, the server is pretty meaty so performance is there.

However, On the forums when i go to post a new topic as soon as I click post new topic it takes ages for the post new topic page to load. Then when I go to post the new topic it takes 30 secs.

Posting a reply is fine. Just posting new topic.

The servers my.cnf is still standard with no optimization. I did set php memory_limit to 256mb but still slow.

Anyone have any ideas where to look?




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when i post a topic it hangs for  30-45 secs. 

When i post and then press cancel 2 seconds later, the post already posted. So the insert looks good but IPB is not getting the message that it has been posted.

Does any of the ipb team have any ideas?


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