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Anyone successfully used Pages with 4.x?


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My website looks nothing like it did.  I feel completely lost.  There is no real documentation for how to set things back up.  I feel like I have to start from scratch and I have no idea how to do so.  It was very difficult to figure out how to use it on 3.x and now I feel like giving up.  It's central to my website, so I'm quite frustrated.  I'm wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.  Am I missing something?

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I will preface this that I moved my web hosting between the time I had 3.4.x and I upgraded to 4.0.3 after the move.  So some things may be technical issues, but I can't tell what is a technical issue and what is a configuration issue.  I'm about to just start opening multiple tickets to address everything, but Support's response time seems to be about 12 hours in between updates, so this could take forever.

Issues I've noticed so far:

I cannot get pages to load as the landing page.  I have this in the constants.php file, but I do not know if that process is still the same;

    define( 'IPS_DEFAULT_PUBLIC_APP', 'ccs' );

Also, I have viewed the instructions here, but it does not seem to apply to me since my forum root is the website root.  http://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/administration/pages/using-pages-under-your-community-root-r100/

When I go to the pages landing page if you will, this is repeated 3 times at the top and I do not know why.


When you scroll further down the page, you see this:



Before, I had many tiles across the page with featured articles, upcoming calendar events, featured downloads, etc.  None of that shows anymore.  No idea how to get it back.

When I click on an article, I get the same 3 repeated "Latest articles" think at the top and I would like to remove them.

I checked the index.html in page management, and I can see that the code has apparently changed for some of the items.  And not all of the items I had before are listed anymore.  And I tried getting rid of the old values and adding the new code and it doesn't change anything.

When I try and edit an article, it doesn't work and I get an error.

I could go on and on.  But this is most of what I have encountered so far.  And again, I do not know for sure what are technical issues, and what is for a lack of better term, user error.

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Yeah, just click on the star for that. So eliminate the constants thing.

The other stuff, I'm not sure.  Do you have a screen grab of what it used to look like?


I wish I did. Really I just need to know how to add and arrange stuff on the pages home page. 

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I wish I did. Really I just need to know how to add and arrange stuff on the pages home page. 

​YOu may know this already.... but I didn't

When you are on the page on the site, there is a little arrow on the left side.

Click on that.... and it's all magic from there.

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