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Found 53 results

  1. Hi guys, I've finally had a chance to poke around 4.0 (Beta 6), and was wondering about the possibility of adding Custom Input Validation to custom fields in Commerce (specifically regex), similar to how it is available in custom fields for Pages? e.g. - When creating a new custom field, select Text as the field type, and a new option for Custom Input Validation appears where you can enter the validation criteria. It seems to me there should actually be parity across Commerce and Pages custom field type options, at least as far as things like this, field length, and text formatting are concerned. I would love to have a custom commerce field automatically converted to upper case once submitted, as well as limited to a certain number of characters and the option of setting a default value! Thanks!
  2. View File [XI] Server Management [XI.34] Server Management [XI.34] Server Management is an application aimed at gaming communities. The core feature is to share information about the servers you run to your members and player base. The secondary feature is share credential information to select groups on your website. Core Features: Live server querying for online players and the current map Dedicated server list and credential list pages Credential manager for sharing specific passwords with website groups per server IP.Content and board index hook for server list display Multiple themes for server list display so you can select what fits your website best Map image retrieval and management using GameTracker Server country flag display using GeoIP Option to use hostnames rather than IP addresses Instant join icons for voice servers and Steam supported games HLSW and Xfire bookmarking integration BigBrotherBot Repository manager for viewing of server chat logs (Beta) This application uses two external utilities: Game Query Library: https://github.com/Austinb/GameQ GeoIP Library: http://www.maxmind.com/en/geolocation_landing You should ensure that these utilities run on your server before purchasing. Brought to you by the XtremeIdiots Gaming Community Update Notes: Please take a backup of your server management database tables before updating to ensure there is no loss of data. Submitter Rugger Submitted 10/23/2013 Category User and Social Engagement Discussion URL Support Info <p>I will give support via this forum or additionally I can be contacted through my main forums xtremeidiots.com</p> Supported Versions IP.Board 3.4.x
  3. Sorry if this already exists! I would really like to be able to send a custom drafted email when a user signs up. This would also double up as the registration email. Have some custom text, branding and message. Could this be done somehow by creating a new user group and schedule an email daily? Best, Ryan
  4. View File (SD) Company Directory Author: Dawid Baruch (IPSBeyond.pl) Opis: Aplikacja ta jest katalogiem firm pozwalającym dodawać użytkownikom nieskończenie wiele firm do katalogu. Dodatkowo może do profilu dołączyć zdjęcia np. z wyglądem biura, lub sklepu. Wszystkie firmy umieszczane są na mapie Google’a, która także jest widoczna w profilu danej firmy. Katalog daje także możliwość obserwowania profili lub całych miast, dzięki czemu jeśli firma dokona zmianę lub zostanie dodana nowa firma dostaniemy taką informację na email i/lub prywatną wiadomość i/lub w postaci notyfikacji. Aplikacja posiada także możliwość komentowania profilów oraz oceniania zarówno profilów jak i komentarzy. Profile oceniamy przy użyciu gwiazdek ale możemy także dodatkowo punktami reputacji. Istnieje możliwość dodania wpisu sponsorowanego, który jest płatny. Do działania tej funkcjonalności niezbędny jest dodatek IP.Nexus. Dodatkowa funkcjonalność: Możliwość definiowania własnych pół dla profili Możliwość dodawania firm na całym świecie Możliwość oceniania firm różnymi kryteriami oraz opiniowania Aplikacja do poprawnego działania wymaga IonCube'a zainstalowanego na serwerze Description: This application allows to create company profiles. To profile you can upload images showing our shop, office etc. When we create profile we mark it on google maps. We can follow profile or town and then we receive notification when user makes changes. Application allows to comment company profile and rate profile and comments. We can rate profile using stars and included to IP.Board reputation system. We can add sponsored profile, payments use IP.Nexus. Additional Functions: Custom profile fields Custom opinion fields Abbility to add company in all countries of the world Abbility to rate company using company opinions Błędy/Bugs: http://www.portal.ipsbeyond.pl/bugs.html/_/company-directory/ After upgrade to version 2.3.0 you must set up category permission Submitter Spanner Submitted 01/05/2013 Category Commerce Discussion URL http://www.ipsbeyond.pl/firmy/ Support Info <p>topic, premium support in application</p> Supported Versions IP.Board 3.3.x,IP.Board 3.4.x
  5. Hi, I installed the latest BETA version to test, but I'm not able to reproduce what I was doing in IP.Content. Just a few lines <if test="is_array( $records ) && count( $records )"> <foreach loop="$records as $r"> <if test="$r['my_variable'] == 'mytest'">My text</a></if> </foreach> </if>I dont find my variable name... oufff thank's for your help. Stef
  6. View File RSS Management Application This application is NOT compatible with IPS4. the IPS4 version is available here: This Is A Fully-Featured RSS Management Application offering both Complete RSS Front-end Management And Enhanced Import Functionality. Upon Installation, This Application will replace the RSS menu at the footer of the Board with a Link to this Applications Default Landing, which Is a Clean Listing with HoverCard functionality for the Default RSS Output Cache. ATOM Feed Compatibility: This Application Directly extends classRss via hook, allowing *stock* RSS Imports throughout IPB to parse ATOM Feeds! RSS Groups: Control Who May See Feeds In This Application At a Granular Level Via Permissions Masks By Feed "Group". Provide a Helpful Title and Fully Parsed(BBCode/HTML) Description For Your Users For Each Feed "Group". Feed Groups Collapse and Expand with Similar Functionality to the Board Index Categories and are saved via cookie for the viewers preference. Disable or Enable Individual Feeds From Being Shown In The Frontend, Add Custom RSS Feed URLs to be Shown, and Edit The Title Shown For Each Feed. Conversion Utility: Convert Local Application Feeds From The Output Cache For use with "Groups" As Enhanced RSS Management Feeds. Mass-Conversion, check-and-go, with the ability change titles and URLs after within the converted feeds. Ajaxed Feed Item Listings: Includes HoverCard Feed Item Preview Functionality, bringing a Cleaner, more modern look and function To Your RSS Feed Display, Both Frontend And Back. In-Site viewing Experience: While still available with a further click, the Viewing of a feed is no longer directly controlled by browser experience. Show Feed Results in the Skin of your Forums, including the Mobile skin. Mobile Skin Support: This Application Has Been Fully Templated For Mobile Skin Use, to allow a Clean And Useful Listing for Mobile Users. Import Capabilities: Includes the ability to Import RSS Feed items To A Topic as posts, Defining a Picture For The Topic Opening Post, as well as Prefixing each Post With the Source Item Title, and Pinning The Topic. Owners Of IP.Content Will Find an Additional Area Open to their use, Importing RSS Feed Items To Content Database Records, and defining the Category, a Single-file Upload Field and Picture to be used for the Field Value URL for Each Imported Feed item per Feed. Additionally, Full Control of the values For imported "records" Fields are Fully supported including dynamic replacement of the Item url, Database, and category(if used) information. An XML Feed Block Is Available to allow full data retrieval for IP.Content Owners from ATOM, RSS, and Event List XML Feeds. Owners of Michael McCunes Tutorials Application Will Find a section Devoted to Importing RSS Feed items As Tutorials, with definable tags, picture prefix, and Title Prefix/truncation Options. Resource Friendly: Uses Separate Caching For Both Import, and Frontend Display, and ONLY Active Feeds are Validated or stored in this cache store. All HoverCards are cached by URL for 30 minutes at a time, to reduce the overhead of usage further, the same URL requested within this period will be served a cached feed result. View a Customized Landing View a Feed "View" View ATOM View a Topic Import View an Articles Import Submitter Marcher Technologies Submitted 03/08/2012 Category Integration Supported Versions
  7. File name: Twitter Timeline Submitter: InsanelyMacP Submitted: 07/06/2013 Category: User and Social Engagement Demo : http://www.insanelymac.com/ Discussion URL : Supported Versions: 5,6,14 Support Info : Email, PM, support topic Show the latest tweets from any accessible Twitter account in the board index sidebar or (optionally) any IP.Content page using the blocks system. Features Display recent tweets on the board index Have multiple IP.Content blocks with different Twitter handles (IP.Content is optional) Configure how many tweets to pull on a per block basis Full caching to avoid API rate limits Allows customization of the look & feel unlike the embedded timeline (see demo as an example) Tweet to and follow links Custom date formats supported Conforms with the Developer Display Requirements Uses Twitter API v1.1 View File
  8. I think it would be an awesome feature in Pages that if you choose a "URL" field that you get an option to "Count Hits" which probably would be an off/on switch where when the URL is clicked/used then it adds to the count to show how many it's had. Additionally having the ability to edit or reset the hits would be awesome. To do it perhaps it just creates a column with the same ID but just an _hits after it so that it's there and can be used in the templates just like that key? It's a thought and would help determine how many outbound hits URLs get from page resources.
  9. Just to clarify: So far I can see the only IP.Pages content which is indexed in the IPS4 search function is the part of the content-field using a database. So the content from custom-fields and from pages which are build with Manuell-HTML are not indexed. Is this right?
  10. I am not sure if I am right here :-). I want to make with the database feature a database with: name gender nation rating comments I already have a list with names gender nation csv, sql or whatever is needed. which I want to import and this is my problem :-). Can someone help me with this please?
  11. File Name: Content Layouts File Submitter: Grant B File Submitted: 15 Apr 2013 File Category: User and Social Engagement IPC Layouts will allow you to create the perfect homepage without touching a line of code. Introducing IPC Layouts IPC Layouts will allow you to create the perfect homepage without touching a line of code. Simple yet effective settings to create a three, two, or single column layout in one page only. Its an ideal hook for someone wanting to create an easy, no hassle page. Select the layout you would like to use, paste in the blocks you would like to put into each column, and set the size of the columns. Please remember before you purchase that this is only intended to work for an individual page of your choice. It cannot be used for multiple pages at once since the settings are global! Features Include: Now supports Articles and Databases - (Read for more info) Three/Two/Single Column Layout Options. Set the size of Left and Right Columns. (Middle Column auto adjusts.) Insert Blocks into Left, Middle and Right Columns with simple no hassle settings. Enable/Disable a Featured Column that runs above any IPC Layout you choose. Edit the type of Layout, size of the columns, all with preset dropdown options Insert blocks (into Left/Right and Middle Columns). Enable a Featured Column block that remains above your chosen layout. Follow me on Twitter or Google+ here to download this file
  12. We have this great functionality, tags and prefixes but it's full potential is still not reached. Here's what could be done to further improve this: Develop a tag cloud block on the sidebar of every forum with the most used tags in the topics from that forum (or all forums if the block is used on the homepage). Selecting any of the tags, should/could filter topics in the forum, allowing members to quickly sort their so needed content. If this filtering is too complicated, even redirecting the members to the search page would be an improvement.
  13. I couldn;t find a specific place where i can suggest a fetaure request, so i will just put it here. Request: To be able on menu item basis to specify if we want to open the link in a new window. Thanks
  14. I think it is prudent to request that a "Yes/No" field in Pages be something you can filter by without having to switch to a select field or radio or checkbox.
  15. I could use some help with streamlining the image import process for IP.Content. Right now, it's not easy to add images directly from IP.Content like in IP.Board. I have used the "Article Image" function, but does not allow multiple images and does not show the image in Preview article mode. Can anyone help?
  16. Setting up a new field for the database. A field for a mini gallery with multi-upload fields. - Thumbnail Image - Lightbox original format The multi-upload fields. displayed very badly for a gallery : Example with fields gallery : Meric ;-)
  17. hello, on ips4 there is a way to make field editable/available only for specific group?...try to explan:....field1(title) , field2(description) , field3(plan choose by moderator) , ....the field 3could be a multiselect available only for admin/mod?thanks
  18. Hi, i would like to suggest the ability of limiting (or not - unlimited) the number of records that each user group can create.
  19. I have a custom database for flash games and I would like to change "x views" to "x plays" (content_records_stat_num_views). Currently there is no option to edit this text per-database. I propose this be added to the Database Settings > Language page so it can be edited on a per-database basis. Other things that could be made editable per-database are the other two "stats" strings, "x reviews" and "x comments". Thanks
  20. Right now if I create a custom DB in Pages and I want to put some custom CSS/JS on a form field, it's made difficult by the fact that fields on the edit page have names like "content_field_18". I propose that instead of randomly generated names, they use the template ID associated with the field on the IPS backend. So a field named "embed_type" would receive the name/ID "content_field_embed_type" on the edit page, which is easier to work with when adding custom code. I would appreciate IPS feedback on this matter.
  21. As the title says, It's a real pain, at the moment there is only a save button but myself and I'm sure others are finding being redirected back after save a killer
  22. Hello, I don´t know but I have a problem with the RSS of a Page... the order is bad, descending the old news and don´t appear the last news (limit 5) Thanks!
  23. Hello. It would be desirable to implement the ability to add additional fields to the forms of writing reviews for reviews: Also, additional fields are rather limited functionality. For example, I would like to add a form of choice of options users, as in the screenshot: But this form can not be implemented in the page, which is a pity. Not even add vote. Is it possible to add such features in the Pages application? @Matt ?
  24. Product improvement for the Pages menu would be able to Manage Apps. In the 3.4 version of Pages (IP.Content) you could manage all menu items through the "Custom" menu options. In the 4.0 version you are not able to do this, you can only create a "URL" to the applications or use the default tab. I request that the functionality to manage the tabs come back! I figure it could be implemented in one of two ways, The applications that have tabs showing are by default moveable/manageable in the menu (like the previous version)An option in the "Type" dropdown is added which is "Application" and when you choose it, like the "Page" it generates a list of the applications. You choose that, get your permissions etc and then save from there.I miss having contextual apps but loathe having all of my apps all spread out on tabs (it's inconvenient) and not necessary for every site. Thank you.
  25. Hi guys, as this is kind of urgent for our community and support is really, really slow atm (opened ticket 3 days ago) I would like to ask you for assistance! Our Website is using pages for game related news about Crowfall (upcoming MMO but doesn't matter). This database is broken in some weird way. We can add entries (articles) via ACP, we see those posts on the front page and have access to the post itself. So far so good, no the bad part: All other database related links like category view, pagination, rss feeds, or even the create a new entry via the FronPage is broken displaying the following error: Sorry, there is a problem Cannot find the page you requestedError code: 2T187/2 I don't know what happened as we did not change a single config. We just upgraded to the newest IPS a few days ago. Can't say if the error is coming with the update. Funny sidefact.. All other databases (we got two more) are working fine. We can add new objects and even browse them. Thank you in advance! Edit: I just tried disabling FURL, which allows us to click the links for category, pagnation etc. but I am actually not getting forwarded, instead I am landing on the front page again. But the error message is gone..
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