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I think I may have this figured out. Just giving it some more time to make sure. I created a file and added session.gc_maxlifetime = 36000 to it to test this(I'll lower it if the test works). You'll have to save that file as either php.ini, php5.ini, or .user.ini depending on what you're using and put that in your root.

It's kept people on the online list for two and a half hours so far without issue.

Just FYI, I'm not an expert at this. I think the risk is low but just wanted to pass it along. I think the biggest risk to this is session hijacking since they have more time.

This whole thing makes me wonder why it isn't programmed to base it on the last time that person was online instead of active sessions. Maybe that's more resource intensive to do it that way? It would provide more flexibility to something like this. 

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