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  1. i hope it releases soon, hoping to upgrade
  2. saw beta 5, hope it will be ready soon!
    i installed it and activated it - will it work from now (let's say i configured it to 30 days) or 30 days from today?
  3. that's very nice, and useful, thanks!
  4. i also see this: any update about this?
  5. hello, i want to know if it's possible to hide some things when you view from your mobile phone, my forum is very long and i would like to hide some of the unnecessary things like: the blocks and the subforums. is it possible to do that? if so can you tell me how? thanks.
  6. can you return the seprator ' | ' ?
  7. i understand the problem, you only have one profile field but i have 3: that is the problem, it is not defined to the first one only. it can happen to many more users here who have more than one field.
  8. i think i know why, the two other ones are from before the updrade (froum 3.4), so that might be the problem
  9. small problem- after installing it appears 3 times in the profile, can you fix it? after some edit- i found that the problem is with: id='elProfileInfoColumn' - when i deleted it from front=>profile=>profile than i don't see anything.
  10. i posted this in 25 in April and still got no answer: http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/402-cant-add-another-toolbar-in-the-editor-r5411/ it happens in 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.0.5, and it will continue to happen if nobody will adress this. i am not the only one that has this problem. can anybody asist?
  11. hello, i installed it but when a user sign in- he doesn't have the +1 in the pm.. is it suppose to be like that?
  12. got that too, after that it worked for me- if it doesn't work again (you need to start it) - open a ticket
  13. happend to me too- you need to go to support- and chose the second option- after that you will get a guide to fix it.
  14. i would wait for 4.0.5 which suppose to be released tommrrow. there are a l lot of bugs but most are minor.
  15. it's a bug from the start- i posted a bug report but they didn't answer yet.
  16. if you are an admin- you have a button in the left side of the community and if you press it you can add new block including the one you asked for.
  17. i tried that too, but after 1 hour it comes back to 20 minutes, so i think there is a limit from IPS or something.
  18. hey teraßyte, will you upgrade this mod to work with 4.0? thanks.
  19. there is, because in some languages there are some problems with the translation if it numbers like 18/04/15 or 18 Feb 2015 - it makes a diffrent, i don't understand why not give us a chance to change it, i mean- we could do this from 1.0 to 3.4, why all of a sudden change that?
  20. can you add an option to control the time zone in the site? like in 3.4 (today, yesterday, etc..)
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