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System scheduler on IPS4?

Adriano Faria

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They hide a lot of stuff like that intentionally to avoid inexperienced admins from doing stuff they shouldn't.

For example, during beta I proposed a link between the area where you can enable furls in general and the area where you can edit how each single furl will look. They didn't want to add it since they didn't want admins in one of the areas to accidentally find the other area and start changing advanced settings at random

I dont like this excessive hiding either.

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Such settings should be all at one place "Advanced setttings" or something like that imo

Funny enough...that's exactly where they are.  Both the link to the scheduler and the FURL configuration are under "Advanced Settings" in the ACP. ;)

Note that you can also find anything by searching in the ACP, which many admins prefer.

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