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My Feedback & Questions regarding IPS


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Hi everyone!

First off I want to say that I am still very much pleased with IPS and their services. With that being said I have a few questions to ask. I currently have a lifetime license of IPB and below are my questions.

1. Do I still have support for my product? I've yet to use it, but I'd like to know if it was there or not. :)

2. I've noticed in my Downloads section of my Client Area I am able to download all of the applications listed. Does this mean I have access to those without the need of a license due in part to my lifetime license?

3. If I do not have access to those without the need for a license, how do I go about purchasing a license for them?

As I stated before, I am extremely please with IPS and I tell everyone to go to IPS if they need a forum solution. The flexibility is just top notch on the software and I can customize nearly every part of it if I need to. I also would like to thank the IPS Management for allowing customers with lifetime licenses to still use the software and honoring those licenses.

Thank you very much!

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Thanks for your kind words, first and foremost. Thank you for your inquiry as well. To answer your questions:

1. Yes. You currently have support available under the terms of your license.

2. You are not actually able to download the apps. If you click any given one (other than IP.Board, which you've purchased) - you will see a "buy now" button.

3. Please see #2. :)

Incidentally, IPS is in the process of finalizing plans to migrate legacy licenses to thew new structure. In doing this, most customers would be entitled to up to $100 account credit for the switch, so if you do decide you wish to take advantage of the offer prior to it being announced in the future, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to assist.

Thank you for your support!

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When you say that IPS is making plans to migrate legacy licenses to the new structure, does this mean that I am being forced to give up my lifetime license or is this optional? Also if I were to migrate to the new system, would I have access to the applications without the need to purchase them or is there a renewal every 6 months with the standard license?

Thanks for your response!



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Are you saying if I light a smoke signal you'll show up at my front doorstop to answer my questions?

Now that's customer service.

Remember that time you "educated" a certain person on RAID, leaving me with a lifetime of amusement in the form of mockery against said person? I'll be happy to respond to your smoke signals. smile.png

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