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  1. Andy, Thank you for very much for your prompt response! I believe I will be purchasing both at the end of February when it is time for my renewal. Thank you very much!
  2. First let me apologize if this question is going to sound incredibly dense and make no sense whatsoever. My online gaming guild is looking at purchasing the Commerce Application for the website. Now we have a question. If we purchase this software and enable it on our site and someone puts a product up for sale; is there a way to setup a percentage fee so that a percentage of the sale goes to the guild? Basically if someone has Product “A” for $25 can we have a 10% “cut” of that $25? Is that possible or does all of the proceeds go to the person who has the product?
  3. Hello all! I am getting this error: ErrorID: 3331 | Message: flood ban and teamspeak_connect: Error: host isn't a ts3 instance! that message. I have whitelisted the IP address of the website where this is connected to. The TS server is hosted by NFO servers. Am I just retarded in setting this up?
    From what I can see the application works great. However I must let everyone know that if you are on a shared hosting plan, then you best stay away from this unless you know for a fact that you can open the ports needed for all games. I just ran across this for my game servers and my hosting. Wasted $20, but it was a learning experience. There needs to be some warning in advance on this.
  4. Then you need to remove it off the IPS Site.
  5. Lindy, When you say that IPS is making plans to migrate legacy licenses to the new structure, does this mean that I am being forced to give up my lifetime license or is this optional? Also if I were to migrate to the new system, would I have access to the applications without the need to purchase them or is there a renewal every 6 months with the standard license? Thanks for your response! Respectfully, Kyle
  6. Hi everyone! First off I want to say that I am still very much pleased with IPS and their services. With that being said I have a few questions to ask. I currently have a lifetime license of IPB and below are my questions. 1. Do I still have support for my product? I've yet to use it, but I'd like to know if it was there or not. :) 2. I've noticed in my Downloads section of my Client Area I am able to download all of the applications listed. Does this mean I have access to those without the need of a license due in part to my lifetime license? 3. If I do not have access to those without the need for a license, how do I go about purchasing a license for them? As I stated before, I am extremely please with IPS and I tell everyone to go to IPS if they need a forum solution. The flexibility is just top notch on the software and I can customize nearly every part of it if I need to. I also would like to thank the IPS Management for allowing customers with lifetime licenses to still use the software and honoring those licenses. Thank you very much!
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