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  1. Im trying to embed a google form into a post but its not displaying. I use the HTML that the google form creates and use "code" on the forum post, paste in the link, but doesnt display. Any ideas?
  2. For some reason today I randomly have this as my most online. Is their anyway to fix/prevent/reset this
  3. That is something Im looking for, for my own site. How do I obtain
  4. Is there not a page that list all users on the site sorted by their user group. The closest thing I have to that is the staff page that lists staff. I want a page that lists all users sorted by their gropu and be able to add it under the "browse menu"
  5. I just completely uninstalled the plugin, but when I try to click on my account settings I still get the error, Im not even sure if the plugin was related tbh
  6. After upgrading to invision community 4.3 Im getting this error when using I click on my "account settings" in the drop down Error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\Login\Handler\Standard::$icon (0) #0 /var/www/html/x279447/system/Theme/SandboxedTemplate.php(56): IPS\Theme\class_core_front_system->settings('overview', '\n<div class='ip...', true, true, -1, false, Array, false, false) #1 /var/www/html/x279447/applications/core/modules/front/system/settings.php(126): IPS\Theme\_SandboxedTemplate->__call('settings', Array) #2 /var/www/html/x279447/applications/core/modules/front/system/settings.php(76): IPS\core\modules\front\system\_settings->_wrapOutputInTemplate('overview', '\n<div class='ip...') #3 /var/www/html/x279447/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\core\modules\front\system\_settings->manage() #4 /var/www/html/x279447/applications/core/modules/front/system/settings.php(40): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #5 /var/www/html/x279447/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(146): IPS\core\modules\front\system\_settings->execute() #6 /var/www/html/x279447/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #7 {main}
  7. how do I access PHPMYADMIN my site is hosted with invision
  8. Was messing with my member groups and accidentally unassigned my self as admin, now cant access admin panel whoops. Any ideas how to fix
  9. Is there any way to manually RSVP someone to a Calendar event easily?
  10. Is there any way to change the interval where the iCalender retrieves new events. Its annoying how if I add a new event in my google calendar I have to keep going into the ADMINCP and retrieving it. Maybe an interval of like 1-2 minutes?
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