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Emoticons: Major Suggestion, Upgrade Emoticon Management


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Ever since I started using IPB back in 2004, I have noticed one important feature that has been lacking from IPB: the ability to delete emoticons through the admin control panel. Administrators can install and uninstall/delete hooks, applications, forum skins and just about everything else from the admin control panel; however, the emoticon management feature has lacked any real decent controls ever since I can remember.

The only thing that you're allowed to do is to disable the emoticons. IPS? Please! Add a feature for Emoticon Management where we can delete/uninstall individual emoticons from the admin control panel. While I'll admit this is a minor issue, it's the only part of the IPS Communty Suite that has never seen more flexibility in managing this part of the IPB software.

Anyone else agree?

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The problem I run up against is making a bunch of icons not usable i.e. after Christmas/Halloween. At the moment I have to go through the icons one at a time to do this. A system where you could put a check mark against multiple icons and then "disappear" them would be ideal. I could then check them again the next year and they "appear" again.

I realise I could bulk delete them from the folder but then I'd have to reupload them the next year and I'm idle :)

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