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auto follow topic when reply


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notification dafult values need some more options

for example allow admin to define auto follow when reply or make a topic, blog post, gallery image or download

You can auto-follow topics on reply already.
Auto follow topics I reply to. Notification frequency:

For other content, maybe add a feature for that, but it should be up to the user which they want to autofollow. Like someone might not want to auto follow a blog entry but follow an image in a gallery.
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but that's only in user's control panel, i want to define the default value for all members

and the members can still change to whatever they want if they dont like the default

That's an option that could get abused. I can see it now, an admin on a low volume board constantly bumping topics so that anyone who posted in those topics will get emails in hopes that they will visit and post some more.
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Actually, it is there... I forgot about this one... It's not with the rest of the 'Notification' options.

ACP > System Settings > Members > User Profiles.

thx, but that's on registration right, won't change the default for existing members, at least the wording doesn't seem like it

and also need default follow option for blog, gallery, download as well (both new entry and reply)
i want these admin options, and i won't abuse it bcuz im the admin, and i think it is good way to keep community active bcuz a lot of ppl reply to something n they just forget it
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You can update your back members with a simple bit of SQL .. I just did this because my forum is struggling. Maybe 95% of my users, sign up, ask one question then never come back even though their question gets answered ..

Please note, you run this at your own risk .. Im sure Invision would not support this method, so its your own risk.

From your database management tool, you can run:

UPDATE members SET auto_track = 'immediate';

I just ran this on mine and it ran fine .. be warned though, this could trigger an email storm if you have an active board, which could shut down your board if your host detect the spike in traffic this as spam. (happened to me once before when I did a mail out)

Lately im getting about 2 posts a week, so its worth the risk for me.

Its worth noting as well that enabling this, will NOT trigger subscriptions to old topics and posts .. Those people would have to make another post to be subscribed.

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