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  1. Can someone test whether they have this same problem. On my system I import email tickets from an email address. Someone sent an email there with an image attachment. When the cron ran to check the email and import it , the import failed. The cron attempted to repeat this every 1 minute. This resulted in the following: 1) In the system log, it added an error entry that included the insert sql query that contained the entire email including the 10mb image attachment. So each log entry was 10mb in size. Since it ran every 1 minute, in a few days this added 15 GB to my database until I got warnings from my server that I was running out of space. 2) The cron managed to save the image files to the file system (in the uploads/date folder) each time, despite the error log message, but each time the cron ran it did it again, resulting in 9,000 copies of the file being saved to the file system, which also contributed to my disk becoming full. 3) each time the cron ran, it added a "reply" to the ticket it was trying to import into, but no actual reply showed up. It just said there were 5,000 replies to the particular ticket. When you click on it there is no sign of the additional messages. 4) It was not able to import any newer messages than the email with the attachment, so new replies were not getting downloaded and updated. The solution for me was to log into the email account and delete the email with the image attachment, after which everything worked fine. Then I emptied the log files using phpmyadmin, and last deleted the 9,000 copies of the image in my uploads folder. ...but nothing is solved. Anyone could take down my server just by sending an email with an image attachment and letting the file system become full.
  2. It would be great if you made it a feature that guests could use the support system (at least create the ticket), as I would like to use the support system for sales inquiries (which is always new people who don't have an account) and it would be good to have the full features of using the different departments rather than the single generic contact us form. Or maybe allow the contact us form to have additional fields such as subject, ability to choose department, etc. I think many other people would also like to use the support desk in this manner. You could even sell support desk as a separate product. I had purchased commerce package just for using the support desk even though I don't use the store part.
  3. It is like this: New install (4.0), adsense views = 12,000 per day. analytics views =12,000 per day. Old install (3.4), adsense views = 6,000 per day. analytics views = 12,000 per day. Both installs use the same URLs, topics, posts, etc. I can switch back and forth between both versions in a few seconds, so I have tested this over many days back and forth. As soon as I switch back to 3.4, the adsense views drop by 50%, but analytics views remain the same (over a 24 hour test period). And as soon as I switch to the clean 4.0 the adsense views go back up to 100% and analytics views remain the same at 100%. Checking through my stats I can see the drop sometime in May. Also, I have this same problem on three different sites. I am in the process of testing various things, like disabling all plugins, testing on new refreshed default theme, testing with newly uploaded files of 3.4, etc., to try to pinpoint what is exploited. But it takes a few days to run proper tests on each aspect.
  4. I am still looking into what is happening and how they are doing it, but probably they just searched for the copyright text in google or something like that, found an IPS board, and used an exploit. It's possible I was a day or two late on an upgrade around that time frame.
  5. I just noticed three of my IPB sites had been compromised at the end of May (around the 24th), so I would like to give you guys a warning to check in case you may have been affected as well. I noticed for the last couple months my adsense page views had dropped in half (exactly in half). At first I thought it was due to the google mobile updates. But after checking my analytics data I was still getting the same number of page views as before, only my adsense page views were down by half. After upgrading to 4.0 I saw my adsense page views instantly went back up to the regular 100%. Then I did a couple tests, going back to the 3.4 version for a day, then the 4.0 version for a day and see what happened to the adsense views. As I suspected, it would instantly revert to 50% adsense page views when I went back to 3.4 (I have the two versions in separate folders which I can rename to choose which version is live). So the attack seems to inject their own ad code into 50% of the page views, but otherwise leave your site identical. I suspect they also do some check against IPs that access the admin CP, or perhaps against user ranks, and don't show their ads for such users. So if I check the site myself I always see my own ads and dont suspect anything. If anyone else had this experience, please let me know.
  6. Is this still available in the admin cp? I cannot locate it.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I guess I will try my test queries on a backup database and see if I can get it.
  8. After upgrading I noticed that old posts converted every line break <br> into a <p> tag. I understand the use of the <p> tags, but a <br> is not the same thing and it wasn't used as a paragraph in old posts, why convert it to a paragraph. Why not leave it as a single line break? The problem is if you had posts like this (using line breaks): Little baby Oh so small One day you will be big and tall I watch you while you laugh and play My love for you grows everyday I tell you this with my whole heart I love you just the way you are Now it looks like this: Little baby Oh so small One day you will be big and tall I watch you while you laugh and play My love for you grows everyday I tell you this with my whole heart I love you just the way you are Changing the <p> margin isn't a solution because other posts have correctly used the <p> tag as a paragraph, so if you change the margin to zero you break all those post's formating. Now I have to choose which messages I want to look terrible, the majority of posts that used <p> tags, or a minority (but still tens of thousands) of messages where for some reason or another they used a line break to indicate a new line. I have been thinking of ways to fix it with mysql queries and have some untested idea how to do it, to restore the <br> tags, but what will happen to them in the future is my worry? What happens when someone replies to it, does the editor again convert the <br> into a <p> or does it leave it as is? In a future update will the posts again be converted to the <p> tag? Will the <br> tags spontaneously explode causing a chain reaction that could potentially destroy the entire universe and put an end to all known forms of life? There are very serious repercussions to consider before running mysql queries on your database. Note: I have upgraded through half a dozen forums going back to 1999 (anyone remember infopop?), so the root source of the <br> tags could be from softwares and ages long gone.
  9. I find the html editor to be very difficult to use, as it creates the html in a single run on line which makes it almost impossible to read comfortably. The old system of BBCode was so much easier and cleaner. Do many people really need the ability to write full html with javascripts and divs in a message post? Maybe one tenth of a percent of users could even utilize that. BBCode seems to be the safe and easy way to grant a basic source editor to all users. But having said that I don't think it will ever come back. Seeing the new editor my gut feeling is it is gone for ever.
  10. The background processes were still running. I had already activated the cron setting. It looks like the crons were what killed my server. I will test it without the crons running for a day. So far load is looking very normal now that the cron was disabled. But I will have to get the background processes completed slowly without over burdening the server, maybe with a bigger time gap, or maybe manually.
  11. Disabling the one minute cron dropped the load down, though still slightly higher than before. I will watch it today and see if the apache problems come back or not.
  12. This is feedback on my experience upgrading to 4.0. After upgrading, my apache is dying at least 5 times a day, causing all sites on the server to be unreachable. I never had this even once in the last 5 years. Forum has 2 million posts with 30,000 page views per day, which is not that much for a very powerful dedicated server with only a few other less active sites on it.
  13. I have three vbulletin licenses (from when it was $285 each). Maybe somewhere I can trade them for a Winrar license.
  14. I had upgraded to IPB from vbulletin a couple years ago when it was clear vbulletin was a sinking ship. I had used vbulletin for probably 10 years. When I decided to finally change over, I could see vbulletin was going down hill and was on the verge of disappearing. So I took the hard decision to abandon ship and find the best forum software available in the present times. At that time there was a lot of complaints about the vbulletin 5.0 which was supposed to come out "soon", and from the samples it was clear it was a piece of junk. So out of curiosity, yesterday I thought let me go check the vbulletin forums and see if anything is happening there. I was shocked that vbulletin 5 IS STILL NOT DONE. I mean it has been literally years, and they still haven't released the complete vbuletin suite in version 5.0. I feel sorry for anyone who didnt jump ship, and has actually been waiting literally years for the broken product to be usable. Anyway, I was just shocked that they are at the exact same position they were at a couple years ago when I left. Looking back, the best decision I ever made.
  15. FIxed it, I had to also uninstall the hooks it created, not just the application.
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