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  1. The StopForumSpam IPS plugin has stopped 99% of my forum spam. I always hated that the IPS spam service would actually allow spammers to have an account, and just block them. My user counts were out of control, I had thousands of users who were just bots. The Captcha text plugin is completely flawed now, it doesnt stop any spammers.. Hopefully this new one will last longer The SFS plugin has blocked almost 900 spammer registrations in a little over 2 weeks on my board. If IPS can integrate this new KeyCaptcha system with the StopForumSpam API , it should be a silver bullet against spammers ..
  2. You can update your back members with a simple bit of SQL .. I just did this because my forum is struggling. Maybe 95% of my users, sign up, ask one question then never come back even though their question gets answered .. Please note, you run this at your own risk .. Im sure Invision would not support this method, so its your own risk. From your database management tool, you can run: UPDATE members SET auto_track = 'immediate'; I just ran this on mine and it ran fine .. be warned though, this could trigger an email storm if you have an active board, which could shut down your board if your host detect the spike in traffic this as spam. (happened to me once before when I did a mail out) Lately im getting about 2 posts a week, so its worth the risk for me. Its worth noting as well that enabling this, will NOT trigger subscriptions to old topics and posts .. Those people would have to make another post to be subscribed.
  3. Bringing this back to life, can anyone verify if this is going to happen? Its extremely annoying, I have articles, downloads and blogs with blank images. I ask my users over and over again to please set your profile photos but of course no one does. I spent so much time trying to change the default profile photos to use an avatar. Please change or make it easy to select which picture to use, avatar or profile picture.
  4. im having this exact same issue, I just want the default search option to be 'forums", does anyone know how to fix this ?
  5. I think this is a much better arrangement. include both, but have it integrated with the forum by default.
  6. Thanks Mark, Yea.. I understand there is reason for it, doesnt make me like any more though ;) Thats ok, my gripe was probably more around this official invision board and less around my own, I can tone done the restrictions on my own board if I wish. :) Sphinx sounds pretty good, ill check it out. Cheers Cheyne
  7. So then heres the million dollar question ... Why is it that every other community / board / CMS script out there is able to deal with plain english searches? I used SMF for 4 years and was able to search without any issues, granted, the backend is not as complicated as IPB , but then even vBulletin is able to offer up a normal search experience and its backend is quite complex. (overly if you ask me) I also dont find the search results from IPB to be particularly accurate, at least no more than any other board script, so I cant under stand the point in making it so difficult. At the very least, there should be an option to simply remove the three character (or configured size) words from the search string and actually allow the search to continue instead of stopping it dead and forcing the user to revise the search string 2 or 3 times.. I mean, 9 times out of 10 if I happen to include a three character word in the string, all im going to do is just remove it and try again. Or another would be to remove the word restrictions for members with a certain post count or group. Meh, sorry , my vent is over ... I generally love all things Invision, this one just annoys me a bit, but i guess its small fries when you weigh it up against all the other things that IPB dominates with. Thanks for your suggestions guys
  8. Its like having a public library , but forcing people to go through an obstacle course the enter the front door ..
  9. Im in the process of trying to build a my IP Content driven site, and im hitting many snags around programming, using my own code and various other adjustments, I have to keep trying to find information on the Invision forums although im finding it incredibly difficult. 8 times out of 10 my search is rejected due to lack of character length or some other reason. I wanted to read more on using custom PHP in my blocks, I search for "using PHP in blocks" .. i get So i try "code in blocks" I get the same PLUS another error saying the word "code" is not allowed.. Seriously why ? You offer products that require people to write code, but searching for the term "code" is not allowed ? Im sure there is some intelligent and security conscious reason for this, but from a user experience point of view its horrible .. I have to revise my search queries 3 or 4 times before its actually accepted. I wanted to know what IP Tracker was , as I didnt know but the name sounded good .. I search for "IP Tracker", the name of one of your products and get the same error, seriously. Infact iv been trying to search for things all day and getting no where, im actually using google.com and passing site:invisionpower.com some search to actually search the forums here because I find it so difficult to use the search function. I was a long time PHPBB user, then SMF, then vBulletin and now IPB , but this is the only time Iv ever struggled to get information so much. In my opinion search some should fluid, it should be quick and easy and not require logic or check boxes, forms and multiple selections, Google has mastered this and thats why they're the kings of search. Am I the only person who really dislikes the search feature around here?
  10. Having only just got the hang of IP Content, id say this is a very useful feature, this part was the hardest to wrap my head around for sure.
  11. So iv downloaded the app, and connected to my board, although there is no "Mobile" options in my notifications list like shown in your tutorial here and iv tried sending my self PM's from other accounts etc but I dont get any mobile notifications. Yes iphone notifications is enabled like it says in the guide , what am I missing ?
  12. Is there anyway to have the recent blog entries sidebar item look the same as the recent topics added or recent status updates. The blog entries block is styled differently on my board and it just looks a little out of place in the side bar. Id like them all to be a uniform look.
  13. :( Im already paying for the entire IP suite of applications, I dont really want another bill, and 5 users is pretty limiting. Like others, a chat room on my site would probably go un-used , but occasionally might have a burst of activity, it would be a nice feature to have, but not worth the money to me. A one time payment for a locally hosted chat platform would be of more use to me , or a model like the other IP apps, pay once, then pay a license renewal fee every 6 months, unlimited users.
  14. If you need help with anything, man, just ask.

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