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Nice design, but makes it hard to purchase


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We intentionally aren't presenting the downloadable self-hosted version as the 'main' choice any more - self-hosted and hosted are on a equal footing. For that reason, there's no direct Buy Now button (that takes you to the store page) anywhere on the site; any action to buy takes you to the comparison page first to show the options, enabling the user to make the choice.

I agree that the Pricing link could be made prominent (or a separate Buy Now button placed on key pages), however the 2 step process is necessary. I'm open to suggestions on making that easier, of course.

I will move this to the feedback forum to enable proper discussion :)

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Sound reasoning....I do agree with the OP though... The pricing link can get lost in that nav bar.

A link next to the 'Try a Free Demo' button to pricing might be a better place.

Yes one of those pink buttons beside the 'Try a Free Demo' button would do the trick.
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