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The Next IPB 4 Should Be Done Using Flash / AIR


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Well I Had An Idea The Other Day Of Maybe Using Adobe Flash / AIR To Develop The Next Possible IPB?
You Might Think Its A Bad Idea Because You Cant Customize It But... If IPS Were To Change Their Customization System So That Its Done VIA XML/CSS
You Can Open New Doors With Your Software So That All Customizations Will Be Done Within The Flash Applet Allowing For Nice Smooth Animations For Actions
And Forums Can Now Have Introduction Pages Done VIA Flash GUI (Object Oriented) And Allow Objects To Be Scripted As Well If The Customer Wishes.
I believe This Would Be Also Great For Visual Editor

If IPB Were To Do This It Would Cut Down On Development Overhead

A Nice Example Of This Is http://www.wix.com/ Wich Took Advantage Of Flash And Have Something Like 13 Million Customers

So Guys Vote On This And I Hope We Can Convince IPS To Do It In This Manner :smile:

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its really too bad that people dont like flash ive never had issue with flash and ive been using computers since the 1970's (punch cards ) XD not saying that flash was available back then
but ive used it pretty early on. emm the problem with html 5 is that the problem is so poorly supported currently and onlymodern browsers (very limited) have begun to implement it sooo im hoping some more people will vote and maybe hopefully see my side of it XD

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My question is...why would a forum need to use Flash? Shouldn't a community site be the most accessible for everyone? Not everyone does/can use Flash, and it's not great for mobile at the moment either (I use an android tablet, which supports flash but everything flash runs slow). I'm just curious what an advantage to a forum using flash would be over the current abilities.

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well ive already stated 1 which was a cut down of over head. another is a smother website and you might not think so but aesthetics is everything when it comes to these things. its how you atttract people to your website and if your an ecommerce website. thats important. secondly if you see in my post above that is said flash / air. the whole premise of adobe air is made to be ported to multiple platforms is is more compatible than html 5 which was suggested above.
secondly if your concerned about your website not being compatible with mobile device...well i never said anything about removing the mobile version of the website but you have to remember than we are talking about 8% of the market actually uses their mobile phones to access forums. the only thing people worry about these days are twitter and facebook etc etc. that 8% incompatibility is far outweighed by the increase in productivity and aesthetics in your site and for IPS they would most likely be the only one on the market with this option. so in my opinion the benifits far outweigh the cons in this situation. your thoughts?

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Edit: 8%? That's BS. Flash is dead, and it ain't reviving for IPB4.

im sorry but its true no matter how much you try to deny it actuall stats exist on this :sad: http://www.pluggd.in...statistics-297/

so i mean unfortunately its just the way it is flash is not dieing its here to stay and the release of flash 11.1 proves that seeing as its one of the only platforms out there to provide media rich environment directly without using high bandwidth
and with that update they cut down on the hardware imprint it uses for your computer. its just one of those things where you have to seperate yourself form all the bs and look at the facts

and with your concern for losing search engine traffic can easily be resolved by porting content from flash to xml and placing that content as meta content for the page
and for bookmarks all they need to do update the parameters in the url everytime there is an action inside flash so when you go to bookmark those get parameters can be ported to flash to bring you directly to where you were simple javascript will do this.

so i mean all your concerns are misplaced. and i never said anything about completely losing the original html/css format of your site all im saying is maybe ipb should start integrating flash in their software. more thoughts?

one more note: im not arguing that mobile sales arent rising. i agree and there was a study done which predicts a 400% increase in mobile internet usage by 2015. what im argueing is that fact that the average ips user will not have a large percentage of there member :ACTIVELY posting on their mobile devices like twitter or some other social network.. i mean its the cold hard truth no one wants to accept. so thats why i say screw the mobile. dont make your site platform for a user base which is your minority user base. rather spend 98% of your time to apeal to that larger user base.; and by doing so allowing your site to grow to its fullest potential.

and you gotta remember that as time progresses mobile devices will be able to handle flash better
since june 2010 almost every single mobile device thats mainstream supports flash and as microproccessors get better flash will run alot fast. so by 2015 flash will be a major platform on almost all mobile devices so if your site is flash it would actually format better than html especially on mobile devices with low resolution screens where html gets all jumbled up. so maybe think about that :)
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no its not if you actually read it "We will of course continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates for existing device configurations. We will also allow our source code licensees to continue working on and release their own implementations." all theyre saying is they cant keep up with all the different chipsets for every phone so theyre leaving it up to the manufacturers to integrate flash themselves. and since all major media sites uses flash ... unles they want to have the most boring smart phone in the world... flash will always be ported to mobiles in the future. the only deciding factor in this issue is the websites themselves. if the websites decide to drop flash as a whole (i highly doubt it) then as stated above ;) its here to stay. and as stated above mobile is not an issue for the majority ips users as its not used often and even if it is i never said to remove the mobile version of ips XD

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