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  1. Would be nice to have a lightweight editor for acitivity updates

  2. The ones I like most are... - activity - discover - stream - sense - feed - pulse It seems important to me that the chosen term should be only one word instead of a combination of words because simplicity is key. Using 3 words or 2 words explaining the purpose of the function takes too much space and complicates talking about it.
  3. Having your suggested social stream with the features you are talking about would be awesome. I am not sure if it really has that broad potential since the current activity feed got implemented at a really late stage of the IPS 4 development because users were pushing for an activity stream. Nevertheless, I think that a sophisticated activity stream would fit perfectly to the IPS community software.
  4. Currently the activity feature in IPB does not show all activity. Here are some activity suggestions to implement: - trigger activity when a user likes content - when a user commented on any IPS app, show users comments within the activity stream - merge status feed into activity
  5. ​Why show it on the front-end when admins see it on the back-end? An admin does not need to see it on the front-end. This message is taking away space from the admin.
  6. This message certainly does not belong to the front end. It should stay within the ACP. I can't believe IPS has implemented this in their software.
  7. I am not sure if I asked that before, but can we disable the editor for status updates. It is too much bloat for a status update and it is too slow. Well, I think I asked that question before. Never mind. Maybe I am totally wrong and our users will celebrate the new status update possibilities and cherish me for life? :D

  8. Installing the beta 3 version didn't result in an error message, but the Beta 4a does. I created a bug report.
  9. I have the same error message. I want to install the 4.0.0 Beta 4a suite using my license key and appending -TESTINSTALL and it returns the following message. (cURL and openSSL PHP extensions are enabled)
  10. It would be great if you could click in the 'Pending', 'Closed' and 'Fixed' badges to list only particular categories. Edit: I have just noticed the filter option on the sidebar. Still, it would be great if the badges would be clickable to filter categories.
  11. Thanks for filing a a bug report. I can only see the page view for the featured entry on top of this page. All the other views count show just all views of a user's blog but not for every single blog entry.
  12. Please bring back page views for blog entries and gallery images (like in 3.4.x) for the IPS 4 suite. Even though those page view numbers can easily be manipulated, they give users an overview about which content is popular. It motivates users to create better content.
  13. joelle

    Full SSL

    Will the site traffic automatically redirect from "http:// to https://" whenever a user loads an old topic URL?
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