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  1. ... and will this setting create /profile/username (without ids) urls for new users?
  2. I think it will be better for admins to have an option to restrict (or not) users to change their usernames.
  3. Hi Are there any settings in AdminCP to force users use just latin symbols in user names for new registrations?
  4. +1. I think it is a must for administrator to have it as an option that can be configured.
  5. Is there any improvements on QA in 4.1?
  6. Indeed, how can we change that?
  7. Yes, QA feature really needs threaded comments! I'm waiting this to fully switch from another QA engine to IPS...
  8. I thinks these recommendations (Q&A improvements) must be put in IPS4 Feature Plan...
  9. Good question! I asked it here - http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/406600-blogs-sidebar/ but there was not so much reaction
  10. ... or the feature to control that block. I mean that we can regulate amount of entries that appears in the block "Questions with no best answer". For example we can set the amount from 0 to 15 (which it is now hard coded!). 0 means display nothing and so on...
  11. I've IPS4 Beta 5b. Every asked question appears in block "Questions with no best answer" and in "XX questions in this forum". This block is limited to 15 questions with no answer/no best answer and I can't even disable this Please, add the feature to disable this annoying and useless block because we have already an option to filter that unaswered questions. Thanks.
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