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Invision Silencing Unhappy Customers?

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we appreciate your business, but if I'm being honest, your purchase was at least half a decade ago

translation, "we prefer new customers that make us more money profit than those legacy folks who supported us when we were a smaller growing company. Pony up or hush up."


@IPB, you are a wonderful company, but seriously I really hate when companies squash any criticism. You can make your statement but closing threads like this simply (at least to me) appears to be a way to shape the public discourse and record in a more favorable way to the person closing the topic.
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As a Perpetual license holder, I do somewhat understand where you are coming from in regards to legacy customers but wouldn't say it's a sinister plot to get more money/profit from me. I do think IPS are being gracious here by offering a conversion to the new license structure with additional services that does cost them more to deliver. To be fair, this particular discussion has been had many times with IPS already stating a position and plenty of opportunity for those who disagree to give feedback. The topic you link to went for 2 pages, so that's hardly squashing criticism.

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I agree, when I read this I thought it was more than fair of IPS to offer to convert the license for FREE for 1 YEAR... that means that you pay nothing and you get all the features for FREE... in a year if you want to keep using these added services you pay 25 bucks every 6 months.

I challenge anyone complaining to find ANY paid forum software company that would do this.... your not going to besides IPS.

For example take an old vb owned license, which I happen to own many.... you can't upgrade them at any cost... you are stuck and with no updates. The only option is to buy a new one at full price.

So stop the complaining in my opinion, you don't know how good you have it with what they are offering.

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  • Management

We're not silencing unhappy customers. The criticism has been heard loud and clear. Some feel a license purchased in 2005, under a different license structure, should entitle you to access to all current and future services. We respectfully disagree and further discussion (which has been had, literally, for years) isn't going to resolve anything, unfortunately. Experience dictates it will simply spiral into a flame-fest.

We of course do not hide the fact that IPS is a for-profit company. This is the livelihood of many -- developers, support / client services team, designers, etc. While naturally we appreciate all clients - past and present, we, like nearly every other client in the free world, offer incentives to repeat and new clients.

Loyalty rewards programs are one example. Cell phone companies are another. They offer you a subsidized new device every 18-24 months. You get better pricing, better plans and more features in exchange for continuing to renew your contract. Staying with the same cell phone and same plan that you purchased in 2003 will allow you to make/receive calls exactly as described when you signed up. If you want the new value-added services, it requires you to be an active "current" customer.

In this case, we're continuing to give you every new release and all the new features, exactly as we promised to do. We're even offering to convert you to a new license structure with free renewals for a year. I'm of the belief that we're doing more than most, but I can understand how some might disagree and apologize.

Nonetheless, as has been mentioned, this discussion has been carried out numerous times over several years. I'm afraid the position will not change, so there's no point in further topic discussion. I'm always, however, available if you'd like to contact me directly to discuss any concerns you may have.

Thank you for your understanding as well as your continued business.

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