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Download: [HSC] Default Post Content


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File Name: [HSC] Default Post Content
File Submitter: HeadStand
File Submitted: 23 Dec 2010
File Updated: 31 Dec 2010
File Category: Modifications

This mod allows Administrators to define default content for new topics and replies in individual forums.

Configuration is set in the ACP - a new module will be available in the Forums tab. From this module, you can:
- Define post templates
- Include BBCode inside templates
- Link post templates to individual forums
- Specify different templates for new topics and/or replies

Click here to download this file

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Have a critical error confirmed with an open ticket #710815

The hook will cause a database driver error with IP Content when clicking on any article link.

I had to disable the hook for the IP.Content articles to work.

I don't have IP.Content, so I can't test this. Can you please PM me the error message from your logs?
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This mod is interesting, but mybe can be useful a readme file.

I have uploaded files, installed xml, but i dont see anything to set.....

There is a new section in the ACP under Forums -> [HSC] Default Post Content.

You'll want to start with "Add Post Template", which will let you enter the content for a post.
After that, click on "Configure Forum" to link it to one or more forums.

I'll write up a ReadMe at some point, but probably not today. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post them here.
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for who has many forum is not very practice....

for example i want to add the same message in all forum, but i have to create one forum template for each forum. can you add the possibilities to select many forum for template?

Not exactly... you create one template in the "Post Templates" section. Then in "Configure Forum", you add that template to each forum.

At this point, yes, you have to do it individually. I guess I can change it a little to allow for multiple forums, but I'm not sure if I will get to that today.
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Found bug in IP.Download.

i hook is enabled button for upload files is not visible.

I honestly don't see how this can be related, the hook doesn't touch this at all. Also... I can't reproduce it. Are you sure it's related to this hook? If you disable the hook in the ACP, does the upload button reappear?
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