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Download: [Morbo3] Ban System

Alex Morbo

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File Name: [Morbo3] Ban System
File Submitter: Alex Morbo
File Submitted: 14 Dec 2010
File Updated: 12 Feb 2011
File Category: Applications

Application allows you block users in topics, forums, globally.
Forum moderators can lock user in his section (topic/forum) and can ban globally.

You can block user for 1-n hours, or set "0" hours - system set ban tyme to 1 year.
If block time sets to "0" hours and block type sets to "Global block", user moved to "Banned" group.

Global block has a few additions:

  • IP Address block
  • Email block
  • Email (domain) block
  • Login Name block
  • Display Name block

All this additions use forum banfilters, and removed at the block time expiration.

See screencast!

PS: Sorry for my bad english :huh:

Click here to download this file
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This is one problem that makes IPB less attractive. The Mod community is greedy.

Whereas the vBulletin community has many great mods for free.

A plugin or mod like this would be free.

That is because they do not have a Marketplace there. If one was implemented, then you will see how many free mods there will be anymore ;) And what can be free elsewhere, it doesn't mean that it will be free everywhere btw. That was a lame comparison.

And the Mod community is not greedy at all. Why it is greedy if someone submits his/her work for paid? You should not think inside your interestes, i.e. how can I get things for free but think outside of that narrow mindset box. For ex, when you go to the Shops/Markets, you don't see anyone selling free stuff there now, do you? Same thing here, if you do not like a paid product here, do not purchase it, move on. Simple as that, no need to offend those that submit paid work as greedy :)

P.s.I applogize for the off topic post.
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xper, Ban remove will be at next version.

If you use "0" in ban time, ban time will be 1 year. Maybe set this option in ACP?

Zenithlt, try to recache styles.

Affter work I will recheck archive, maybe I lost this template :(

Thank you that worked just fine. And another question. is it possible to add a link to a member profile in a log messages?
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Thank you that worked just fine. And another question. is it possible to add a link to a member profile in a log messages?

Yes, i will add this feature at next version

My moderating team are asking for:

- An easy way to make a ban permanent

- To delete all posts from the banned user

If we could have those features added I believe it would be a superb system!

Now if you set "ban time" like "0" ban time will be set 1 year;
At the next version i will add in ACP setting "Permanent ban", this value will be added as "permanent ban".

At the next version you will be able to delete all topics/posts of banned member.
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