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  1. Ah ha good to know, I'll take the @ out of there. Might be worth mentioning it in the configuration docs
  2. Thanks for the swift reply. 1) is fixed, it threw me that the 2 column template was assigned in a different page than the one I was using which is block driven. Thanks. On 2) I don't want to change the core of the system, just I'd prefer to link to the topic instead of the article?
  3. A question or two if I may. We're now using SuperGrid on www.smartphonegurus.com as you can see here: When we hit a title (link) we get: The problem is that linked page only has the content on the first half of the page, as you can see here. Ideally for us we'd love to have: A fix to the above so that the entire page width is used. As we use the system to post a copy of the article into the forum the possibility of linking to that post instead of back to the article. I can understand if 2) is not possible but I'd love to fix 1). I've looked through all t
  4. Okay, will re-enable and test to see if any issues do arise.
  5. @newbie LAC Is the Mod going to be updated so it is 4.2.1 compliant at all?
  6. I'll not disagree with you guys it just seems that this release is particularly bad!
  7. Understand what @Lindy has said, but with 4.1.12 look at the amount of quick patches / fixes that have been issued, a heck of a lot and that to me speaks of not enough testing prior to release.
  8. Could this result in the table crashing as that has happened to me twice recently?
  9. The issues I have are: Lack of pagination (slight annoyance) 'Load more activity' being displayed at the 'end' of the stream, when you hit it you get 'There's no more activity to display ', if at the end of a loop with less that the loop internal quantity to display surely it should display that immediately at the end of that data segment without the user having to click on the button again only to display the message? (feels unfinished) [This site] Charles posted a blog entry.... (major annoyance which seems to be being overlooked) Unread Content links take you to the
  10. A lot of us are in the same boat, I've lost a high percentage of my subscribers.
  11. For me the features should include: Be able to rename the points, i.e. 'beer' Be able to buy points via PayPal, e.g one point = £3.00 Able to give points to other users
  12. That is very good new @Lindy thanks for the update.
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